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September 2015

Writing a Personality Profile feature

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 21.45.15            (Click on Image to read)

This is an image of the classes chosen article features that they found interesting and liked the topic and wanted to write about as a personality profile.

I chose to do a Personality Profile on the band ‘Paramore’

Paramore plan on moving from the main stage to the front deck as they plan their second cruise concert at sea.

Hayley Williams (Aged 26), lead singer of the band Paramore since 2005 at the ripe of fifteen since writing the lyrics for the bands debut album “All We Know Is Falling”, Jeremy Davis (Aged 30 and Bass guitarist of Paramore since 2005) and Taylor York (Aged 25 and Guitarist of Paramore since 2007) after ten years of rocking on stage plan their second ‘Parahoy!’ cruise. This is a 4-night cruise from Miami to Cozumel, Mexico sailing off on March 5th to the 9th in 2016 to connect to their fans and promote themselves as a band.

Paramore crowd (An image of Parahoy in 2014)

After their first ‘Parahoy’ cruise in 2014 being so successful and the countless concerts performed in the U.S over the year and their annual show at Leeds and Reading festival in August 2015, Paramore have lined up another cruise for March of 2016 which fans have been anticipating since the first!

Fans wonder how Paramore have the time for their lined-up shows and cruise while Hayley plans her wedding with newly engaged fiancé Chad Gilbert (Aged 34 and Guitarist of the band New Found Glory) who got down on one knee on Christmas of 2014 (Awww!) With celebrities such as Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Zedd and Pete Wentz some of the first people to congratulate them.  “We’re so excited,” Williams said. However, Paramore never seem to have a day free with such a busy schedule.  ‘That’s our life. We always, always tour,’ she explained. 
Paramore Tweet( Hayley Williams uploaded this tweet on January 1st with the words “Hey, guess what?” Letting fans guess the news for themselves) 
 (Image found on Hayley Williams twitter account) 

Paramore cannot wait for the countless questions, ‘Paraoke’ sessions and cruise concerts that is to come in March of 2016!


2.1.1/2.2.1 Magazine Audience Research Project

These profiles are based on the E4 website and channel

Demographic Profile:

Age group: 13-30

Gender: Both

Ethnicity: All Races

Social Economic Status: E/D/C2

Geographical Location: Semi-Global

Psychographic Profile:

The E4 Website and Channel would be placed in the ‘Mainstreamers’ column as it is the biggest group.

1.2.1 Interesting Articles

On the BBC News website, an article reads ‘Martian salt streaks ‘painted by liquid water‘ the article then had a subheading of ‘Scientists think they can now tie dark streaks seen on the surface of Mars to periodic flows of liquid water‘ I found this article interesting as the image to support the article shows in detail what the text of the article is stating. I also really enjoy everything to do with space and find it fascinating so the article attracted me. The story isn’t particularly long and had the main points of the article in bold. The article even has a media clip to give more information on what the salt streams are and represent and how it shows a form of life on Mars.

The Rule Of Thirds

The Rule Of Thirds is a rule used in photography to capture a higher quality photo that looks professional and have a good composition.

Landscape shot

This is a landscape shot where the main subject of the photo is centred in the left and central thirds of the photo. The head of the animal is centred in the middle of the top first and second thirds line. This had left enough space for the body to be positioned fully in the middle of the first ‘third’. This has left the bottom of the body for the bottom third of the first column. The image is a full body shot taken from further away to capture the image, it is also positioned mainly in the first column on the ‘thirds’. The background to this image is also out of focus drawing full attention the main subject of the photo.


This is a head and shoulder shot as a portrait where the main subject takes  up the first two ‘thirds’ fully. The eyes are almost lined up with the top line. The centre of the face (nose and mouth) are in the central square giving the positioning of the photo to this main focus point. The background is also green and out of focus drawing attention to the girl and the sunflower and complimenting to main subject of the image.

Here are a few of my own examples of ‘The Rule Of Thirds’


This shot is a landscape long shot. I have the model looking into the centre as the image is taken in the last ‘third’. The model’s eyes line up with the top line and the body in the centre of the image and the bottom half in the last section. The image also has a plant in the left section of the image adding another image to fill the space makes the overall picture more exciting to look at as it is filled without drawing attention away from the model as it blends into it’s surroundings.


This image is a landscape close up shot. The model is positioned mostly central meaning the model has the option of looking left or right. The eyes are lining up with the top ‘line’ of the thirds and the middle parts of the face (nose and mouth) are in the middle section of the ‘thirds’ The background isn’t too distracting but still brings life to the image with the bright blue sky adding colour to the image and giving it life

IMG_0069 This image is a portrait full body shot. The model is positioned mostly in the left and central ‘thirds’ of the image. The brightness of the background contrasts with the foreground bringing the attention the model. The image is also taken from lower down looking up at the model giving the image a different perspective and making the model seem taller than they actually are and giving the illusion they are the main subject. The green in the background is also bright and adds colour and excitement to the image.

Here is a bad example of ‘The Rule Of Thirds’


This image is meant to be a portrait half shot. The models top half is too low down. The image should be only the models shoulders and face meaning the head would be closer to the top of the image. Furthermore, because of this, the model’s eyes do not line up with the the ‘line’ of the thirds and is not a pleasing photo to the eyes of others. The image is also not a proper half shot as half of the torso is in the shot. The torso should only be able to be seen in a full shot. The background is also very plain and makes the photo lack excitement and look dull.


What impact has the ability to publish your own content to the web have on your lives as journalists?

  • For almost two decades the internet has changed the world and how we store, publish, consume, search and share information. Since the invention of Google in 1998, social media has increased and allowed us to communicate through text, video, pictures, blogs and status updates online allowing us – as journalists – to gain more information on stories and topics and present them through media. By having the ability to publish content to the web we are able to gain more information and share globally to millions of people within seconds.

Five Positive and negative affects of “User generated content”

User generated content (UGC) is any form of media content such as blogs, posts, forums, digital images, videos, wikis and advertisements that was created by users of an online system and often made available on social media.

Positives of user generated content:

  • It gives the broadcaster access to more online content (from different sources plus geographical regions)
  • Helps resolve disputes in a democratic way
  • Broadcasters learn more about their audience (values, concerns, experiences, interests) This means they can tailor programs better
  • Society is able to learn more about itself such as values, views, news and customs from somebody else’s view point.
  • User-generated content also works in developing countries so everybody can have the same access.

Negatives of user generated content:

  • The reliability and accuracy of the content by the user is not always reliable and correct and can also be opinionated.
  • User generated content can sometimes have legal issues  (copyright issues; defamation; pornography; child protection) and isn’t suitable to be shared
  • Users are not always who they claim to be and can lie about their identity such as political groups and commercial
  • It may sometimes amplify the voices and views of those with better resources / further marginalizes and give the opinion of those from HIC’s (Higher Income Countries) and leave poorer countries feeling dis-empowered
  • Some users will lack the skills to produce content needed decreasing the technical quality and journalistic standards needed to be published

Choose three websites you like the look of and explain why the style attracts you

Tumblr – The Tumblr homepage attracts me as every time you refresh the page the background changes image (The background was a pumpkin patch which relates today being the first day of Autumn) Tumblr is also another blogging site and it very easy to understand and use. It also uses a language when explaining what the site is about which appeals an audience which may be using it (13-30 year-olds) As it is casual without being informal.

MTV News – MTV news used bright colours on it’s page to make it look exciting and eye-catching. Their are also many images (Usually of a dramatic celebrity image which would attractive the person to reading the article) and under the image they use bold writing which explains the article without too much information. This makes it easier to get information needed without having to read a long paragraph

Facebook – I like the style of Facebook as it is used as a social platform which gives people news, entertaining with games you can play with friends, allows us to communicate with people globally and is easy to understand and use. The colour scheme isn’t too distracting and the set up isn’t complicated while being used by millions making it a popular source of social networking.

1.2.1 Re-writing A News Story

Tragedy struck at the Oxshire Road Race Championship as a competitive cyclist had a collision with an oncoming car and a passer by resuscitated him, saving his life.

Lance Anderson, 26 of Riverside Way, Oxshire, was thrilled to be competing in the annual 40-mile, Oxshire Road Race Championship yesterday, keen to beat his previous title of runner up in last year’s race.

Passer by, Mrs Joanne Pinto, 54, of Church Way, Oxshire, was accompanied by her sister, Dianne, when Lance was hit by the hit-and-run accident and was luckily at the scene with first aid knowledge.

He has competed competitively abroad and won a number of medals and trophies. Lance said: “Cycling is the love of my life”

Lance is married with a two-year-old son and works as a printer. He has been training every evening and weekend to be fitter and stronger for this year’s race and a favourite of the locals to win this year’s award at the event.

During the halfway stage of the Oxshire Road Race Championship, Lance had a good lead on the other competitors completing a steady hill climb at Radcliffe Mount right before a tight and twisting down section of the course.

Joanne saw a red Ford Escort racing around the tight corner as it lost control and hurtled straight into the cyclist – then roared up the hill.

She said: “It was awful. He was blue and appeared to have stopped breathing”

“But I had first-aid training. I checked his pulse and administered the kiss of life

“To my immense relief, after a couple of minutes, he started to breathe and some colour returned to his face”

He was lucky to be alive. Mrs Pinto then said an ambulance arrived within minutes and later rang St Mary’s Hospital, Oxshire, and was told Lance was critically ill with multiple injuries – but the resuscitation had saved his life.

Police then told her they hey arrested two joyriders in the Ford Escort and were questioning them on the incident.

Lance’s wife, Pauline, 24 said later: “I can’t thank Mrs Pinto enough for what she did. The doctors are optimistic that Lance will pull through.”

1.2.1 Codes & Conventions Of Magazines

I focused on a Kerrang magazine cover this time and the importance of the look of a magazine cover

Magazine covers

1.2.1 Communication Methods Used In Journalism

There are many forms of communication methods used in journalism and the media, they are helpful as they can inform, educate and entertain the target audience they are reaching out to. There are many examples such as;

TV News:

TV News is mostly used to inform, educate and sometimes entertain an audience. Depending on the type of TV news show and the time. This is done in spoken language with the help from images and short video clips to help inform visually the story they are speaking of and can also give a story a much more powerful base. Anchorage is also done at this time to help to educate and inform what is happening in an image or video clip by somebody speaking over the top of the media source shown.

From TV News, you would expect the presenters to be smartly and appropriately dressed as to not draw unwanted attention and so the audience can focus on the News stories. They are also expected to speaking with ‘received pronunciation’ so news can be heard clearly while they look into the camera. This is done to mimic as if there are truly speaking to an audience in front of them and gives the illusion that they are truly focusing on telling you something important as a way to persuade you into listening.

Examples of TV shows used to inform are:

  • Look North
  • Calendar
  • BBC News
  • ITV News
  • Sky News
  • 60 Second News
  • Newsround
  • News at 6pm/10pm

Depending on these shows, some audiences are slightly different so a different and possibly softer approach to delivering news is used. For example, Newsround (Featured on CBBC) is aimed towards a younger audience so will leave more shocking and saddening news out along with images and video clips while changing the words spoken to deliver the news gently.

Radio News:

Radio News is used to inform an audience on a more local and national base instead of globally. While delivering news from around the world and in the UK. Spoken language is used over radio with an analysis of the discussion topic in news while not being too serious or informal.

Radio News often delivers the Breaking News story, Travel news as many radio stations are commonly listened to while traveling in a car and can inform people of traffic and breakdowns on roads and motorways and updates on sporting events and business updates.

Examples of Radio stations would be:

  • Radio 1
  • Radio 2
  • Radio 3
  • Radio 4
  • Radio 5, Live
  • Capital
  • Hallam Fm

Leaflets & Flyers 

Leaflets and Flyers are often used to inform and promote. And can also be used to educate. They are more commonly used to advertise local services and can be used for educational leaflets (Often found in Doctors surgeries and Hospitals)

They are often presented brightly with clear and minimal text with special offers and lots of pictures to seem interesting and draw somebodies interest to reading the leaflet. Most leaflets are used to advertise local events so are more informal than the previous communication methods. Leaflets and flyers will also often leave dates and contact details so people will not find it difficult to find out more information on the subject.

Examples of places leaflets and flyers can be found is:

  • The post
  • Magazines
  • Online Emails
  • Entrances to public buildings

Websites and Blogs:

Websites use a combination of image and text on their blog to bring attention to desired and more important parts of the post. Websites are used to inform and deliver information to people while also using further links to blogs to give additional information and often use their own personal opinions and information derived from themselves. Blogs are usually personal with the personals own opinions and are usually made to look eye catching and interesting.

Examples of Websites and Blogs used are:

  • Tumblr
  • WordPress
  • BBC Bitesize


Newspapers (Depending on the type of Newspaper) are made to inform and entertain. Tabloid newspapers which usually have a larger image and an exciting headline are used to entertain while Broadsheet newspapers are larger with more texts and a much more formal approach to delivering news which is used to inform the target audience. Broadsheets usually use a smaller image which indicates what the topic is about and is focused upon The upper class while Tabloids are usually aimed towards the working class.

Examples of Newspapers are:

  • The Sun
  • The Star
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • The Guardian

1.2.1 The Magazine Industry: The Importance Of Magazine Covers

Music Cover  This first magazine cover shows the background as a full spread imagine of the celebrity the magazine has a topic about. The image of the celebrity is placed in the middle to draw attention to the cover as the main focus point. The font is in bold print with bright colours in a pink, yellow, black and white theme. The editor uses minimum colours to keep the attention towards the cover image and for the reader to not get distracted by all the different colours.

Many different fonts have been used on the front page to show a higher importance on topics in which the editor will think the reader finds more interesting. This also makes the magazine look more vibrant and exciting which will entice readers to reading inside. The colour scheme is important in this cover as the background uses very basic colours whilst the bold font colours in the foreground draw the image forward with attention.

Fashion Cover This magazine cover is much more elegant with a limited range of colours used as the fonts for the cover to keep the importance on the background photo and making the cover look more put together and professional. The background is also in a pearly off-white colour which adds a sense of eccentricity to the magazine making it seem more professional.

The background image is a full spread photo of a well known celebrity. I believe the editor has used this image to show clearly who the celebrity is in hope more readers are likely to want to read the magazine. The same fonts have been used on the cover to keep the cover minimal yet still looking interesting and ‘high end’ The font colour also does not steal any attention from the background image which also has the model in designer clothing which will interest the target audience and is able to show what the magazine promotes

Gaming Cover Furthermore, this magazine cover has a large bold title in a theme of red, black and white which compliment each other to draw focus to what the magazine is promoting. The background is a lot darker and not as bold as the title to make the main focus of the magazine cover the title. The background image is promoting an animation of a PC game to interest the target audience. The editor has used bold white writing against the darker background to highlight more important subjects the reader may find interesting to read.

The magazine also highlights the words ‘Number one’ in red which has connotations of emergency, alertness, importance and danger. The striking background uses a theme of darker colours highlighting the themes of the game it is promoting while using an exciting image interest readers into knowing more of the game.

Travel Cover  This Budget Travel magazine cover is very vibrant and bold with influences of the topic of the magazine. The many bold colours correlate with the brightness of the background photo of a tropical paradise destination which gives the reader an idea on the sort of holidays the magazine may promote influencing the reader to want to buy the magazine. Many points in foreground are either highlighted, in bold print or underlined and use all different colours to draw attention to the subtitle and points on the side for example, prices which will interest the reader into wanting to pick up the magazine if they are able to find a good deal from which the magazine promotes.

The editor has chosen an image of a sandy beach and blue crystal water to make the image seem like a utopia and entice readers into buying the magazine to find out more about the destination and others alike to this.

Bridal Cover   Finally, this bridal magazine has very little text, with the focus point on the background image of the model. There is a very girly yet grown up and professional feel about the magazine with themes of pink, nude and peach colours. The image is giving an idea on the promotion of the magazine and what other wedding looks will be in the magazine. the background has a gradient of pink to white for a subtle pop of colour to correlate with the theme. Flowers have also been used to link in with the idea of weddings. The text simply states ‘In love with colour’ which has also been written in a gradient of pink to purple and makes sense of the idea of the colourful yet simple background.

The bold title is in white to stand out yet not make the image too harsh if black was used. The title is in bold and large writing to draw some attention to the title yet not take the main focus point which is the model image of the background.

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