Music Cover  This first magazine cover shows the background as a full spread imagine of the celebrity the magazine has a topic about. The image of the celebrity is placed in the middle to draw attention to the cover as the main focus point. The font is in bold print with bright colours in a pink, yellow, black and white theme. The editor uses minimum colours to keep the attention towards the cover image and for the reader to not get distracted by all the different colours.

Many different fonts have been used on the front page to show a higher importance on topics in which the editor will think the reader finds more interesting. This also makes the magazine look more vibrant and exciting which will entice readers to reading inside. The colour scheme is important in this cover as the background uses very basic colours whilst the bold font colours in the foreground draw the image forward with attention.

Fashion Cover This magazine cover is much more elegant with a limited range of colours used as the fonts for the cover to keep the importance on the background photo and making the cover look more put together and professional. The background is also in a pearly off-white colour which adds a sense of eccentricity to the magazine making it seem more professional.

The background image is a full spread photo of a well known celebrity. I believe the editor has used this image to show clearly who the celebrity is in hope more readers are likely to want to read the magazine. The same fonts have been used on the cover to keep the cover minimal yet still looking interesting and ‘high end’ The font colour also does not steal any attention from the background image which also has the model in designer clothing which will interest the target audience and is able to show what the magazine promotes

Gaming Cover Furthermore, this magazine cover has a large bold title in a theme of red, black and white which compliment each other to draw focus to what the magazine is promoting. The background is a lot darker and not as bold as the title to make the main focus of the magazine cover the title. The background image is promoting an animation of a PC game to interest the target audience. The editor has used bold white writing against the darker background to highlight more important subjects the reader may find interesting to read.

The magazine also highlights the words ‘Number one’ in red which has connotations of emergency, alertness, importance and danger. The striking background uses a theme of darker colours highlighting the themes of the game it is promoting while using an exciting image interest readers into knowing more of the game.

Travel Cover  This Budget Travel magazine cover is very vibrant and bold with influences of the topic of the magazine. The many bold colours correlate with the brightness of the background photo of a tropical paradise destination which gives the reader an idea on the sort of holidays the magazine may promote influencing the reader to want to buy the magazine. Many points in foreground are either highlighted, in bold print or underlined and use all different colours to draw attention to the subtitle and points on the side for example, prices which will interest the reader into wanting to pick up the magazine if they are able to find a good deal from which the magazine promotes.

The editor has chosen an image of a sandy beach and blue crystal water to make the image seem like a utopia and entice readers into buying the magazine to find out more about the destination and others alike to this.

Bridal Cover   Finally, this bridal magazine has very little text, with the focus point on the background image of the model. There is a very girly yet grown up and professional feel about the magazine with themes of pink, nude and peach colours. The image is giving an idea on the promotion of the magazine and what other wedding looks will be in the magazine. the background has a gradient of pink to white for a subtle pop of colour to correlate with the theme. Flowers have also been used to link in with the idea of weddings. The text simply states ‘In love with colour’ which has also been written in a gradient of pink to purple and makes sense of the idea of the colourful yet simple background.

The bold title is in white to stand out yet not make the image too harsh if black was used. The title is in bold and large writing to draw some attention to the title yet not take the main focus point which is the model image of the background.