Tragedy struck at the Oxshire Road Race Championship as a competitive cyclist had a collision with an oncoming car and a passer by resuscitated him, saving his life.

Lance Anderson, 26 of Riverside Way, Oxshire, was thrilled to be competing in the annual 40-mile, Oxshire Road Race Championship yesterday, keen to beat his previous title of runner up in last year’s race.

Passer by, Mrs Joanne Pinto, 54, of Church Way, Oxshire, was accompanied by her sister, Dianne, when Lance was hit by the hit-and-run accident and was luckily at the scene with first aid knowledge.

He has competed competitively abroad and won a number of medals and trophies. Lance said: “Cycling is the love of my life”

Lance is married with a two-year-old son and works as a printer. He has been training every evening and weekend to be fitter and stronger for this year’s race and a favourite of the locals to win this year’s award at the event.

During the halfway stage of the Oxshire Road Race Championship, Lance had a good lead on the other competitors completing a steady hill climb at Radcliffe Mount right before a tight and twisting down section of the course.

Joanne saw a red Ford Escort racing around the tight corner as it lost control and hurtled straight into the cyclist – then roared up the hill.

She said: “It was awful. He was blue and appeared to have stopped breathing”

“But I had first-aid training. I checked his pulse and administered the kiss of life

“To my immense relief, after a couple of minutes, he started to breathe and some colour returned to his face”

He was lucky to be alive. Mrs Pinto then said an ambulance arrived within minutes and later rang St Mary’s Hospital, Oxshire, and was told Lance was critically ill with multiple injuries – but the resuscitation had saved his life.

Police then told her they hey arrested two joyriders in the Ford Escort and were questioning them on the incident.

Lance’s wife, Pauline, 24 said later: “I can’t thank Mrs Pinto enough for what she did. The doctors are optimistic that Lance will pull through.”