What impact has the ability to publish your own content to the web have on your lives as journalists?

  • For almost two decades the internet has changed the world and how we store, publish, consume, search and share information. Since the invention of Google in 1998, social media has increased and allowed us to communicate through text, video, pictures, blogs and status updates online allowing us – as journalists – to gain more information on stories and topics and present them through media. By having the ability to publish content to the web we are able to gain more information and share globally to millions of people within seconds.

Five Positive and negative affects of “User generated content”

User generated content (UGC) is any form of media content such as blogs, posts, forums, digital images, videos, wikis and advertisements that was created by users of an online system and often made available on social media.

Positives of user generated content:

  • It gives the broadcaster access to more online content (from different sources plus geographical regions)
  • Helps resolve disputes in a democratic way
  • Broadcasters learn more about their audience (values, concerns, experiences, interests) This means they can tailor programs better
  • Society is able to learn more about itself such as values, views, news and customs from somebody else’s view point.
  • User-generated content also works in developing countries so everybody can have the same access.

Negatives of user generated content:

  • The reliability and accuracy of the content by the user is not always reliable and correct and can also be opinionated.
  • User generated content can sometimes have legal issues  (copyright issues; defamation; pornography; child protection) and isn’t suitable to be shared
  • Users are not always who they claim to be and can lie about their identity such as political groups and commercial
  • It may sometimes amplify the voices and views of those with better resources / further marginalizes and give the opinion of those from HIC’s (Higher Income Countries) and leave poorer countries feeling dis-empowered
  • Some users will lack the skills to produce content needed decreasing the technical quality and journalistic standards needed to be published

Choose three websites you like the look of and explain why the style attracts you

Tumblr – The Tumblr homepage attracts me as every time you refresh the page the background changes image (The background was a pumpkin patch which relates today being the first day of Autumn) Tumblr is also another blogging site and it very easy to understand and use. It also uses a language when explaining what the site is about which appeals an audience which may be using it (13-30 year-olds) As it is casual without being informal.

MTV News – MTV news used bright colours on it’s page to make it look exciting and eye-catching. Their are also many images (Usually of a dramatic celebrity image which would attractive the person to reading the article) and under the image they use bold writing which explains the article without too much information. This makes it easier to get information needed without having to read a long paragraph

Facebook – I like the style of Facebook as it is used as a social platform which gives people news, entertaining with games you can play with friends, allows us to communicate with people globally and is easy to understand and use. The colour scheme isn’t too distracting and the set up isn’t complicated while being used by millions making it a popular source of social networking.