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This is an image of the classes chosen article features that they found interesting and liked the topic and wanted to write about as a personality profile.

I chose to do a Personality Profile on the band ‘Paramore’

Paramore plan on moving from the main stage to the front deck as they plan their second cruise concert at sea.

Hayley Williams (Aged 26), lead singer of the band Paramore since 2005 at the ripe of fifteen since writing the lyrics for the bands debut album “All We Know Is Falling”, Jeremy Davis (Aged 30 and Bass guitarist of Paramore since 2005) and Taylor York (Aged 25 and Guitarist of Paramore since 2007) after ten years of rocking on stage plan their second ‘Parahoy!’ cruise. This is a 4-night cruise from Miami to Cozumel, Mexico sailing off on March 5th to the 9th in 2016 to connect to their fans and promote themselves as a band.

Paramore crowd (An image of Parahoy in 2014)

After their first ‘Parahoy’ cruise in 2014 being so successful and the countless concerts performed in the U.S over the year and their annual show at Leeds and Reading festival in August 2015, Paramore have lined up another cruise for March of 2016 which fans have been anticipating since the first!

Fans wonder how Paramore have the time for their lined-up shows and cruise while Hayley plans her wedding with newly engaged fiancé Chad Gilbert (Aged 34 and Guitarist of the band New Found Glory) who got down on one knee on Christmas of 2014 (Awww!) With celebrities such as Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Zedd and Pete Wentz some of the first people to congratulate them.  “We’re so excited,” Williams said. However, Paramore never seem to have a day free with such a busy schedule.  ‘That’s our life. We always, always tour,’ she explained. 
Paramore Tweet( Hayley Williams uploaded this tweet on January 1st with the words “Hey, guess what?” Letting fans guess the news for themselves) 
 (Image found on Hayley Williams twitter account) 

Paramore cannot wait for the countless questions, ‘Paraoke’ sessions and cruise concerts that is to come in March of 2016!