In photography, different shutter speeds are used for different images and effects on the captured image. We use different shutter speeds depending on how much light there is when taking photos. The amount of light that reaches an image sensor is proportional to the exposure time. A quick shutter speed will capture a photo really quickly meaning a photo will be very clear and focused. The more light an image lets in, the slower the shutter speed can be. A fast shutter speed can vary from 1/125th of a second to 1/2000th of a second and even 1/4000th of a second with a very good quality camera. A faster shutter speeds are used for action shots such as images of moving objects and are used very frequently in sports images

(A fast shutter speed shot of a bubble being popped) 

Fast Shutter Speed

A slower shutter speed can be used when there is enough light for the image to be taken. The capture of the shot is much slower meaning that the camera captures movement and shows a blur of where the object once was. This shutter speed is used to capture still images and can vary from between 1/30 of a second to even 1/2 a second to take a picture.

Slow Shutter Speed

This image captures movement with the bike handles being the main focus of the image whereas the surrounding area is blurred showing the handle bars as the main focus point

Moving Image Slow Shutter Speed

We also experimented by taking our own photos using different shutter speeds. For example: DSC_0029 This is a fast shutter speed shot.

DSC_0021 This is a slow shutter speed shot. It captures the movement of the model running down stairs