“US boy, 11, held for shooting dead eight-year-old neighbour”

The headline triggers people to read from the words in the headline ‘Shooting’ ‘dead’ ‘eleven’ and ‘eight’

The eleven year old boy shot the eight year old girl (McKayla Dyer) after she refused to show him her puppy. The boy stole his fathers 12-gauge shotgun and has been charged with first-degree murder as a Juvenile.


I chose Kerrang! magazine to investigate on it’s types of interactivity it’s online page has. For example, it’s Kerrang! radio (K! radio) used audio and videos and by clicking on this, takes you to the K! radio site (Hyperlink) Kerrang! uses lots of still images of bands to entice people to read the headline of the band they may be interested in. It also has a slideshow of an online print version of Kerrang! magazine. This gives readers online an example of what the magazine may look like and possibly attract people to buy the magazine in the future.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 22.10.06 (Proof of Kerrang! using lots of still images on their website)

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 22.15.00 ( Kerrang! pages for social media such as Twitter and Facebook)

Slideshow Kerrang!

(This is an example of the slideshow of images in the print version of Kerrang!)

Furthermore, it has links to the official Kerrang! Twitter and Facebook page so that fans can get more involved and find out information online quickly.