Media regulation: Regulation is control and guidance within the media and consists of rules and procedures set by a specific governing body to keep control of personal information, confidentiality and laws.

External Regulation: Laws set by the Government to keep confidentiality and abide to strict laws.

Examples of this are: 

  • Contempt of court
  • Obscene publications act
  • Defamation Law

Internal Regulation: Codes of conduct by national industries specializing in media

Examples of this are:

  • BBFC
  • ASA
  • Ofcom

Regarding the Prince Harry story, the defamation law and the Ofcom broadcasting code would impact the final story published by journalists as they would have to stick to strict rules as they would have to take into account confidentiality and appropriate content depending on the audience the story is being published for. For example, if the story was being published for an audience of under 15 (Children – Most likely ‘Newsround’ a children’s news show) Ofcom would state that the content provided would have to be suitable and appropriate for younger audiences. For example, on the topic of Prince Harry’s story their is a topic on drug abuse. According to Ofcom ‘The use of illegal drugs, the abuse of drugs, smoking, solvent abuse and the misuse of alcohol must not be featured in programmes made primarily for children unless there is strong editorial justification’ For this case, the would not glamorize nor show any person abusing the drug or the drug itself and would provide education on the negatives of this situation and why drug use is a serious problem using scare tactics.


Defamation is something published which causes serious harm to somebody’s reputation. In this case, sometimes a person must identified but not always by name. For example: “A 54 year old man living in Suffolk”

To find information on the story, we cannot accuse of Prince Harry of taking drugs at the party himself until more evidence and information is collecting and to do so; would interview Prince Harry himself and guests of the party or anybody who had went with the Prince and find information of guests which may have taken or provided drugs and found out what Prince Harry did the day of the party. The venue of the party may also be searched to find evidence of what happened at the party also.