1. NOBODY wants to be in Hufflepuff house…Unless you’re a Hufflepuff.

If you’re in Hufflepuff house you will do anything in your power to defend your beloved house and founder Helga Hufflepuff. That is because… nobody really takes Hufflepuffs seriously. They’re not really in the limelight often or mentioned that frequently. However, don’t lose faith Hufflepuffs, you’re known to be excellent finders and friends that are loyal, helpful and are largely patient and dedicated. Go Hufflepuffs!


2. When Dumbledore died, you cried. When Dobby died, you felt like you had been stabbed too. 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

We all shed tears when Dumbledore fell of the Astronomy tower however nobody was prepared for the tiny little dagger, that killed tiny little Dobby and broke our tiny little hearts. Dobby was our friend, the way his tennis ball-sized eyes glassed over was something nobody has been prepared for. We would no longer know what woolly socks Dobby would be wearing or see his tea cosy hat ever again. His big heart that stopped beating broke ours and we will never be ready to say goodbye. R.I.P Dobby.

3. The dreams of one day visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Los. Angeles is very, very real.


The dream of finding out what butterbeer finally tastes like, wandering around Honeydukes and the streets of Hogsmeade and finally walking through the grand doors to the Great Hall. Being submerged by a land of everything Harry Potter is what every Potterhead dreams of. However, maybe our bank account doesn’t!

4. Book Ginny Weasley will ALWAYS be better than film Ginny.


Film Ginny although all of us knowing she grew up with six brothers was portrayed as a fragile, over emotional and reckless girl. Growing up with her brothers she was a very strong and independent girl who could fend for herself. She was brave and clever giving her an edge to her kind and caring nature – the girl Harry had fallen for. Nobody will forget her famous bat boogey hex that was one of a kind. But instead we are forced to remember for her soppy hopelessness for Harry and romance with Dean Thomas, something she is much better than.

5. Harry was terrible at naming his children. Terrible. 

Albus Severus… I mean, really?  Two headmasters who for one, lied to Harry his whole life and knew he must die. And the second who was unfair to him and treated him horribly his whole time at Hogwarts. What about his Godfather Sirius who died in vain for Harry and loved him dearly? Or Remus who cared about him like a father and taught him many valuable lessons and to fight dementors. And of course Arthur, who was the closest Harry could get to a father figure. And I understand Harry wanting to name his children after his parents however, did Ginny get a say in any of her children’s first names? Surely Lily’s middle name ‘Luna’ had something to do with Luna being Ginny’s best friend however, for her to carry three of Harry’s children he may have been more considerate in the names. Perhaps Lily or James could have been a middle name instead?