Twitter is used for many various reasons and is used very popularly across the globe by man people. The main used for Twitter are:

Personal Reasons: These can be due to many reasons. For example, to boredom and waning to escape and have entertainment for a while, They want to share or rant to their ‘followers’ about their personal lives and share what is happening day-to-day. It can also be used for communication to talk and ‘tweet’ with family, friends and celebrities. Some people just use it as a hobby and for entertainment to catch up on gossip from celebrities.

Surveillance: ‘Followers’ are the people you would like to know more about and keep up to date with their life ad information about them and you are able to keep the person under ‘surveillance’ so you can have updated news and information on their lives.

Promotion and Campaigning: Twitter can also be used to promotes a company, charity, organisation or even a person. As Twitter is a social networking site, people use it as a platform to promote and attract people to the point they are advertising and raise awareness.

Many people, companies and organisations use Twitter in many different ways to promote, give news or share with their audiences. For example:

@ITVNEWS is used to give news on Twitter for people who may be out and cannot hear news in any other way (Newspapers, TV, Radio, Internet sites)

@TanyaBurr uses Twitter to promote her beauty products and the launch of her limited addition Christmas range.

@TrevorProject ‘The Trevor Project’ is an organisation founded by popular, American Youtuber, Tyler Oakley. The Trevor project is a organisation providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth and has a Twitter account to promote itself and so people can contact it quickly.

Twitter is also an important News Source where many people tweet crazily over news recently heard. For example: (Information found from)

The 2008 China Earthquake was talked about widely over Twitter after the natural disaster and Twitter was used to alert, warn and share stories about the disaster.  Blogger Robert Scoble helped spread the news by retweeting reports from people on the ground, before the traditional media could get a hold of the story and report about the event. Twitter was able to report globally to may people all around the world about the accident so some people could take action on the matter.

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