My Ideas: I am doing a blog about the debate between the positives and negatives of the book and the film. A review on the book and the film adaptation and a magazine feature. I have done an image with props that resemble items to do with the story and am doing a digital front cover that will resemble things to do with the book.

Secondary Research: I used Twitter to find out the release date of the film adaptation release and extra information from John Green. I have also used various websites to find out cast rumours and when filming will start such as IMDB as this is a reliable source.

Primary Research: I used the book and my knowledge to give information for my review, interview questions and my blog. For example, the book provides information and where I base my opinions from whereas the internet provides false information sometimes and other people’s opinions.

Resources: I have used the book (Looking For Alaska)  And Twitter to get information from John Green. I have also asked other readers of the book (Online and in real life) By interviewing and reading online and have used Internet sources and IMDB (Internet movie data base)