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The Codes and Conventions of my double page spread:

I wrote this text as an analogy piece on whether the release of a ‘Looking For Alaska’ film was a good idea and studied the positives and negatives of this and then did an interview and chose a friend who had also read the book as my interviewee to ask them questions on their opinion of the book and their opinion on whether they believe the book should have a film adaption.


In this power point, I talked about my codes and conventions of my double page spread and why I choose what I did for my magazine.

The things I did to create my magazine were done in a way that would make it as close to a typical popular magazine as possible. I rearranged my text so that the text could be seen clearer against the contrasting black of the background. My background image also links in with the topic that has been written about as a usual magazine would. The title also has the words ‘Book’ and ‘Film’ in larger font as these are the attention points of the article as this shows what the article is actually about and many magazines use this technique also so people are gripped into reading the article from looking at they key words in the title alone.