will be creating a short, one minute news bulletin exploring audio production technology.

David Bowie: World pays respects after music icon’s death


This was very recent and a huge international story so this would come first. Because of the huge effect on many people from all around the world who grew up with the legend or was a fan this story would be something very shocking to people and many fans would be eager for the news. I could ask people how the death of the singer has affected them and others around them.

School grades ‘linked to where you live’


Many people will be interesting in knowing why there is a difference between GCSE results depending on the area you live as I believe it will stir a controversial opinion and people will want to know more about the situation. I could interview people telling them the national averages on GCSE results and ask them what they think about the division in better results in the South of England than the North.


Does caffeine really make me more alert? 


Caffeine is a huge part of many peoples lives commonly used through the consumption of coffee in the morning to make people feel more alert or through a stimulation drink commonly drank by teenagers who may need a pick-me-up while studying or throughout school hours. Many people will be able to relate to the post and find the topic interesting on whether they believe caffeine actually works or if the effect is all placebo. I could interview the coffee salesman at the coffee stall in my college how many coffee’s on average they sell a day and why they believe they sell so many.

Tram Train logo


The tram train is something that may potentially affect nearly everybody in Sheffield and people that commonly use Sheffield public transport would want to know more about how the transportation will work and when it will start.

Grammy awards 2016.


Analysis of own video research

BBC News – A look at the snowy scenes in several US states.

The codes and conventions of this clip is there isn’t a news anchor reporting on the situation which makes the story difficult to understand if you know nothing of the event. Without a news reporter, we don’t know how the people affected feel on the situation and don’t know whether the situation is serious or isn’t to be worried about. There also isn’t a voice over so we are only informed by the clips shown and a lack of basic knowledge isn’t there.

There isn’t really a narrative to this short clip as there are no words. Only a collection of short videos are used to show the after math of the snow in the US. Because of only video footage being used it lets the audience truly focus on what has happened and let the audience soak in the footage on what the BBC want you to see.

The strengths of this video is that they use a variety of videos to show soft news  of people enjoying and struggling with the snow and would be suitable to use on other News programs that are aimed at children such as Newsround. Because there is no narrative the video allows people to really focus and pay attention without additional information.

The weaknesses however, is that you could also argue a lack of narrative is a bad thing because we do not know when the snow fall happened or why and how and who it has affected. People watch the news so they can be aware of what is going on and without narrative people have to guess and they want a large amount of information in a short time.

The impact this video will have on the audience is that people can be aware of what is happening in a different part of the world and that it could also affect people in the UK. It allows people to be aware of the weather in the US and can prepare if it will affect the UK


In accordance to the Ofcom guideline, what considerations would you have to think about before producing a program to an under 18 audience?]

Ofcom Link

You would have to consider a few crucial things before producing a program to an under 18 audience. Firstly, you would have to take into consideration when this program would be scheduled for. The program would have to be before the Watershed (9:00pm) as this will prevent the caution of under 18’s being open to viewing shows which involve things unsuitable for younger audiences such as violence, sex, alcohol and drug use. Being shown before this time guarantees that the show will be suitable for a younger audience. The only circumstances there may be stronger content used is in serious circumstances and must be discussed before shown to an adolescent group.

“It is accepted that it is in the public interest that, in certain circumstances, news programmes may show material which is stronger than may be expected prewatershed in other programmes as long as clear information is given in advance so that adults may regulate the viewing of children.”

  • Ofcom

You would also have to consider the viewing of violence, alcohol, drug use and sexual content. In most circumstances these themes are prohibited and are not to be condoned, encouraged or glamourised. Under certain circumstances these themes may be shown if used educationally for example, to show that smoking can cause cancer and that smoking can have serious consequences on your health or if shown violence it is for discipline and it is teaching that violence is wrong.

When children are met with violence and dangerous behavior, it is extremely important to know what is allowed to be viewed by the younger audience. For example, kids are very impressionable and naive and at such an experimental age, they are easily persuaded to try new and possibly, dangerous things not knowing any better. It is extremely important not to show content which may be disturbing or locations which may be dangerous (Example, railway lines) unless told otherwise that children must not play at these sites and must be very cautious able these areas and must be supervised in these locations.