100,000 Stars Chromeexperiments

This website is a blog designed to be interactive and show an understanding of the stars that are located in the Milky Way galaxy.

The website feels easy to use because of it being interactive, you can move around the whole bag by zooming, dragging and clicking to find out more on what you want/need to know.

There aren’t many standard features used on this site. There is a description of what the website is and is used for on this website which is commonly done by other websites so that the person visiting the page can know what they are looking and the websites purpose. However, there are not many standard features such as a title, menu, pictures and etc. There is the typical hover text which lights up the text when hovered above to show that when clicked on, it shows more information.

For this website, there are many unique features. This is needed for the unique layout design of the website as it doesn’t have a ‘typical’ layout (Meaning there isn’t a focused title, menu layout or photos) For example, to move around the website there aren’t any selected menus so that you can select the thing you want to know more about. To move around, you must zoom in and drag the screen. Although not very unique, there is also music on the website in the background to give a mood to the website.

There is a lot of text on the website to give descriptions of the stars. It also has a video that shows information on what the website is showing and a closer look at the stars in the Milky Way galaxy through the design of the video. It also has added music in the background and has an interactive feel to the website because you are in control of the website while moving the cursor around and zooming in to get a closer look and description of the thing you are viewing. This is used instead of the typical hyperlinked hover text.