I will be analysing other people’s storyboards for a better understanding of storyboards and inspiration for my own storyboard. I will do this by analysing the shots, text and camera angles.



This is a good example of a storyboard. The images are easy to understand and gives a clear indication of what is going on without the text even needed. The storyboard also uses a variety of shots. The images also use arrows which gives a clearer view on what is happening between the characters.

Firstly, the first shot shown is a medium close up shot showing the character,  Charlie’s body from the chest and up. This shows what actions he is doing while also showing his facial expressions. This will be a good camera angle to use as it can show my interviewee’s actions while showing their facial expressions on the subject of choice.

The second shot shows a two-shot of two of the main characters. This allows the audience to get a better view of what the characters in the story can see and who is involved in the situation and making that shot involved. I can use this when filming if I want to show a shot which is more involved and active between two people.

Furthermore, this shot is a OSS or, Over-the-shoulder shot which involves two people and also gives a point-of-view angle from somebody else. This can be used to give the illusion there is more people involved.

Shot four is a close up shot which adds variety and gains the interest of the audience by using a different shot and view point for the viewer. The shot can also add intensity and drama to the scene.

The following shot is zoomed in even more making the shot an extreme close up shot. Because of this shot being an extreme close up before the final shot it gives the illusion that the shot is intense and dramatic and adds to the build up of the story. This is a good technique to use when I film as it adds excitement and variety to a video.

And finally, the last shot goes back to a close up. From the text, you can tell that the story is very intense and the camera shots are clearly used to go along with the story.

Bad Storyboard

This is a bad example of a storyboard. The images aren’t very clear to follow and doesn’t give any directions to make the images clearer to what is happening in the story. Also, because there is no text, it leaves us completely guessing as to what the story is about.  There also isn’t a very large variety of shots used so the video will not be very artistic or interesting for an audience to watch.