I need to add to this: 

Explain what you did to make your vox pop interviews.

Explain how you overcame any problems:

I was not here at the time of creating and recording my question for Vox pops. Next week, I will aim to complete this task by finding a story and creating an open question for this.

The key rules of writing a radio script: 

The Five W’s – You must take into consideration when writing a script;

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why

These are the most important parts of writing a script as this is the easiest way to inform in a short and snappy way.

K.I.S.SKeep it short and sweet.

You are trying to entice your listeners while informing and keeping them entertained, if you are overwhelming your listener with information they may not understand, they can become uninterested.

Don’t use abbreviations – Cos (Because) Mins (Minutes) etc…

Abbreviations can be a regional and age limited thing. Some people may not understand what you are saying at this abbreviation may not be used in the region where they live. Adults are also much more likely to speak in a formal tone with full English so may not understand abbreviations compared to teenagers who are likely to understand them more as they are consumed in these cultures where abbreviations are used because of social media. So to keep things easy to understand for everybody, a use of proper English is used.

Don’t use complicated words – Only use them when necessary.

If you are using a variety of complex words, some of your audience (Typically a younger audience) may not understand these words and will find it difficult to understand the news broadcast. Complex words should only be used when explaining something related to the story. For example, educational purposes such as scientific and medical terms.

Improvements to my script –

To improve my script, I changed how I worded a few things for example, in my first story  I changed ‘Fell by 6% after a tax of 10% was introduced’ to ‘after a tax was introduced’ to make it easier to understand for listeners while still informing. I changed a few statistics to basic terms so it was easier to read and less complicated to hear all at once and become confused. I shortened my story even further to only use the basic gist of the story and give the information I need to provide. I did this by making my first sentence of my first story a short and snappy sentence. ‘Will there finally be a sugar tax?’ I also made this a question therefore, readers and listeners and more inclined to be interested and listen to what is being said.

This is my draft script for two stories.

Sound Radio Script Template