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February 2016

Analyse The Effectiveness Of Your Radio News Bulletin: Tracy 5.3.1 Evaluation (Audio)


For my action plan I found some stories that I could report on which I could also interview somebody on by asking them a question. For this, I found a recent story in which would be open for opinions on. I proposed to record my short story headlines and then my interview to edit into a short news broadcast for ‘Sound radio’

Although I missed out on a lesson, I caught up by writing up my script and recording my stories and interview and then editing it all together into a segment for ‘sound radio’ I managed to do this all in one lesson and caught up to meet the deadline. I believe because I knew what I needed to, I didn’t need to plan too much before finishing my work so my planning was effective as it helped me finish quicker.

I had a few constraints which affected my project. A personal one I had was that I had to attend a maths lesson when we learnt how to use the editing app ‘Garage band’ however I learnt quickly how to edit by news piece together so I could finish this. However, on a technical level, I had to consider where I filmed so I wouldn’t get any unwanted background noise from people and everyday activities. I had to avoid having other voices in the background to obey media laws. As this was only audio though , I didn’t have to worry about lighting or having people in the background of a video.

I believe I could have researched my news stories more effectively to ones of a similar theme and have my main story as a story which has been widely spoken about as this would mean I could ask my interviewee a more in depth question which would result in a more professional-sounding, opinion-based answer.


For my researched. I searched various websites such as BBC news, ITV news, and various newspaper websites for some stories to report on. I had the best luck on BBC News. I only searched online when researching as this was the only source available and gave me information the easiest and quickest.

When I found my research I adapted this into making my script, as the script had to be short I read through the story online and focused on the five w’s of news writing; who, what, when, where and why and then cut down the crucial parts of the story for my broadcast.

I believe I could have expanded on the research I did by researching different news sources such as other various websites, radio stations and newspapers such as The Telegraph and The Star to see how the news differs on a broadsheet to a tabloid newspaper. I believe I would have had a better understanding of how news is presented depending on the format it is in.

During production, I also researched to see what other stories I may have been able to report so I looked at BBC News again to see if I could find something I may find better to report on so my question on the story would serve a better answer.

The Product

I believe I fit the codes and conventions of the product I needed to create. I created a short news report within the time allotted (60-90 seconds) and created a question from one of my news reports to ask an interviewee and then edited this together to sound like a real report for our radio station ‘Sound Radio’. I believe to improve I may have found stories that linked nicer together or a mix of soft and hard news depending on the audience it was for and to also take into consideration who my audience would be and small details I would need to think about for when created a news bulletin.

I believe I could have edited my audio to a better standard making it sound more professional and natural-flowing similar to a real radio bulletin. I believe the way I delivered my news worked really well. My speaking went well as it was clear, loud and at a good pace. I also covered the five w’s of news writing in my small news paragraphs while still delivering the information needed from the story.

From doing this project, I learned how to use Garageband to edit my video together to create my news bulletin. I also learnt how to use a zoom mic to record my audio.

I believe it would appeal to it’s target audience as the stories mentioned were would interest the audience it was for. ‘Sound radio’ would primarily be aimed at college students so knowing about the stories I mentioned in my radio bulletin would benefit and interest them. For example, knowing about the new train tram will benefit the target audience for this radio bulletin as most of the audience would still be using public transport, so a new arrival of transport would interest this audience.

I asked some people in the target audience if they knew about any of the news that I was reporting and the people I asked had similar answers, answering yes to the stories yet not in full detail. This helped give me an idea of what to report on so I could report on popular stories in more detail.

I have not received any audience feedback yet on my final product. However, I have had someone listen to my audio without it’s final editing and they gave me positive feedback on this.

I haven’t received any feedback from an industry practitioner yet.

I believe it sticks to the media law and ethical guidelines. My content doesn’t contain any information or names of ‘everyday’ people without their consent. There is also no mention of ‘hard’ news containing violence, alcohol or drug abuse, sexual behaviours or bad language.


Planning – I think I should have prepared my interview question better to gain a longer and opinionated answer.

Research -I believe I could have asked a wider variety of people on current stories they have heard or done a wider search of new and exciting stories to report on.

Product – I feel like my editing could have gone better by fixing the audio so that everything could be heard clearly and going through my audio multiple times to make sure the editing was to it’s fullest potential and sounded good.



Research Portfolio 7.1.2

For my website, from previous research I have done I like website layouts that use little text and are much more visually appealing and engaging as this creates the illusion there is more going on while delivering the basics of what the website is about without having to click to find out yourself. A previous example of this was:

I decided to research upon this further and found this website:

Both of these websites have similar styles and layouts with the website being interactive and almost like a video as soon as click onto it and begins moving.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 09.46.35.png

(This being the first website I researched)

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 09.47.36.png

(This was the similar style I found afterwards)

I like the simplicity the page has while still looking exciting yet only using minimal and basic fonts. I believe I would want my logo to be presented in a unique way or such as this website example, which lets the website talk for itself and presents the logo at the side of the page.

This is also a good example of a page in which is interactive and features the logo at the side of the page while displaying their information in a much more appealing way. This website is called ‘Dottir’

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 09.53.56.png

For font, as I would like my information to be presented in a much more visual-based method, I would keep my limited text bold as they would be focus points. I would use something similar to these styles:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 09.58.36.png


For now, I have my website template and still have to create my website properly and this is what I have so far before adapting further

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.06.18.png

Mobile Journalism

We are creating a 8 – 10 minute video on a chosen topic including an interview, video footage and cutaways. Or a combination of video and stills. (Fill ins)

We are taking into consideration:

  • Background noise – Cancelling this out so sound footage can be clearer – Looks more professional.
  • Lighting – LED Light – Gives the best lighting. Placement of interviewee – Near window for best natural lighting.
  • Be prepared and know what to say – Prepare questions and have spare topics for improvisation.
  • Know what to do when interviewing – Be calm and take your time. Don’t rush through questions and leave time for “Anything extra you would like to say/add?”
  • Additional editing parts. Cut outs, music, a variety of camera angles, photos and captions.

Topic:  Fashion


6.3.1 Evaluation (Visual-based) Jane




When creating my visual-based project, I had an idea in mind that I wanted to start with when creating my short feature video. I planned on creating a fashion-based feature video in which I interview and film my friend on what they most like to wear during the winter season in which they showed me an example of what they would typically wear. I planned on getting some nature shots to fit into the theme of winter and to film the outfit shown outside as this fits in with the relevance of dressing for the colder months. For the interview, I was going to film a one on one talk with my friend in which I asked them what their winter essentials were and a typical outfit they would wear on a winters day. I also created a storyboard to show how my video would look as a plan and to show the scenes I need to shoot.

Because of this planning, I knew how I wanted my film to look and what would be needed such as shots, and sets. This helped me to manage my time sufficiently and held to meet my deadline. However, I did have trouble getting filming equipment to film my video on, this meant without this problem I may have had extra time to edit and add extra footage if needed to better my video and would have managed my time better.

Furthermore, the constraint of not having equipment to shoot my video meant that I had less time to film and edit before my deadline which meant I would have to film and edit the video together as soon as I possibly could. However, because of this fault I made sure that my plan was very descriptive so that I knew exactly what I wanted to film meaning I could film in much less time. I also did part of my evaluation beforehand going over the things I could write about first so that I can save time after editing and filming to write all the evaluation. During my production, as I shot outside, I also had to consider not getting other in the video and the weather as this could hinder the quality of my video.

I believe when planning the production of my video I could have researched more effectively by finding more feature videos that involved fashion and nature to get inspiration for my own and which camera angles and shots. I also believe getting more examples of clothing would have helped when producing my video as this would have helped to aim visually the message I am getting through in my film. I think by doing so, my video would be sufficiently better as I could reach out to a larger audience by showing various styles.


When researching, I first watched a short film on a feature video of a photographer and his photography over the years dependently with the class. Then, I did my independent research by watching ‘fashion look books’ videos on Youtube which inspired how I could also set out my own look book segment of my feature video. It would also give me examples of camera angles (Such as panning, extreme wide shots, over-the-shoulder and close up)

By researching other winter look book videos on Youtube I used this to get inspiration on locations and what fashion-based items to include. As this would (hypothetically) be for a large audience, including lots of items would help provide advice more people.

I feel like I could have also looked at more professional short feature videos to see what real professionals do when editing their footage together to create a desired affect or derive emotions from their content as this would help to improve my video footage.

(Did you do any research during production? ANSWER THIS AFTER)

The product 





I believe my video would appeal to it’s target audience – people who are interested in fashion. I feel like my video would be entertaining and visually appealing to my audience because of the nature and the look book feel my video has which are very popular videos to watch on Youtube by fashion gurus. However, it may not appeal to all audiences because my interviewee’s style may not appeal to everyone which may make an audience member uninterested in the video.






How would you improve your:

Planning –

Research –

Product –

7.3.1 Evaluation (Interactive-based)


My action plan for creating my website was after researching different websites to see the design layout of the page (for example, Grid, Masonry, Metro and Column) and then use these examples to influence the creation of my own template for a layout for my website.

I first researched some websites to inspire a design I could use when creating my own, I googled ‘Interesting Websites’ and found many different layout ideas that were out of the ordinary to a ‘typical’ website. I thought these websites would best influence the creation of my own website as the interesting and modern layout kept the site looking interesting and exciting. I found a few examples such as these sources:

After researching, I then created basic design templates for a layout for my website which was just a basic example of what we could create and then later adapt to our personal liking. These examples being (Grid, Masonry, Metro and Column) we then added stock images to these places and basic text to give us an example of what our website could look like. I found stock images on this website:

I used this website as it was simple and easy to use and held many professional photographs which were very Instagram/Tumblr-esque which could easily be found by typing in the image wanted and finding a range to suit the style and theme.

I have managed my time quite well, making sure that in the sessions I had for creating my website, doing research, creating the templates and etc, I managed to get everything I needed to do finished. However, something that constrained my work is that I missed out on a session of creating my website (15/02/16) Which means I will need to find out what I need to do and catch up with this. However, we are still not finished completely which will give me time to catch up with my website planning. I plan to make sure I don’t miss any other sessions so I can catch up and if needed, I will stay behind to finish what needs to be done.

I believe that when planning my research and production of my website, I could have researched better by doing research for my website throughout the production which would maximize the effectiveness of the final product as I would be able to find information on how websites use different formats for different purposes and adapt that into my own creation for a desired purpose. I also believe I could have branched out and used a quirkier and more exciting format for a more modernized and ‘out of the norm’ website which would be more enticing for people to visit.


Before designing my website, I researched different formats and layouts of websites so that I could know how profession websites use different formats depending on their purposes and how the theme and look of this website can entice their audience into visiting. To do this, I googled ‘interesting websites’ and found a few of the following sources, these formats are all different because of the content the website contains and gives good examples of what I could do when creating my own website. As stated beforehand, I believe my research could have been more affecti

I then used my findings to influence how I will design my website to look, the different formats I found on the websites that I researched used complex and creative ways to display the content on the page which influenced me to want to do the same. I believed the research I did was enough to allow me to create my website effectively. I believe the only extra research I could have done was research how different popular social media websites display their content and how the display makes it easy to use and also exciting and creative enticing people to use it. For example, Tumblr (which uses a masonry layout which a very popular choice for websites that want to show many photos) is popular for it’s choices in layout as the website is based around photos.

I didn’t do any research during the production of my website which I believe I should have done as this method would have been more effective in the creation of my website as I would have had a better idea of layouts and what to include when creating my website to make it more appealing to an audience that may find it interesting as it is out of the norm of a ‘regular’ website page.

The Product 

I believe my website is fit for purpose as it is designed for accurate usage while taking into consideration it’s colour (as this will appeal and attract a certain audience to a website) For example, if a website is aimed towards a girl, it would use softer colours such as pink as this stereotypically appeals to girls more than it would boys attracting the target audience. I also took into consideration the text clarity and if this was clear enough to understand and provide information on the website. The information placement was also an important factor as it had to be clear and simple enough to find without the page looking plain, unattractive or messy.

I believe that the layout I had for my website was visually appealing and easy to understand. I also took into consideration the technical side of my website. Such as the buttons and links which meant hovering over an image or word would link to a page or light up in a way which complimented the websites theme. I also thought about the slideshow and believe I could have improved the technicality of my webpage by adding

I learnt how to make a simple website by using different layout designs and learning about these popular choices. I then learnt about how to structure a website and add technical parts to my website such as hyperlinks and roll-over affects.

I believe my website would appeal to it’s target audience as the theme of my website is in a format and design that would appeal to the age group and interests of my target audience. Also, the layout isn’t like a usual website making it more visually appealing and exciting.

I didn’t do any audience research before I created my website and I believe that if I did so, I would have a better understanding of what to add to my own website to appeal to others along the technical and appearance side of my website such as colour schemes and hyperlinks to various pages along with additional information which could be adapted or improved on.

I haven’t received any audience feedback as I currently haven’t finished my final product yet.

I haven’t yet received any feedback from an industry practitioner as I currently haven’t finished my final product yet.

I believe my product sticks to the rules of media law and ethical guidelines as it does not give out personal information on myself or anyone else and does not contain harsh graphics, language or something unsuitable for under 18’s which would be part of my target audience.


How would you improve:

Planning – I would improve this by attended all my lessons to learn the technical side to producing my website so I can create my work to it’s highest potential. By doing this I would have had a better understanding of the types of websites I could create.

Research – To improve my overall website production, by doing research throughout the creation of my website I would have raised the quality of my website layout and technical side to the creation of my website.

Product – I believe I could adapted the style and theme of my website to suit a larger audience. On the technical side, I believe that I could have added more hyperlinks to each of my pages to make it more interesting and exciting while also having other videos on various pages.













6.2.2 Imovie Post Production – Jane

I began editing (Post producing) some clips together and learning how to link these together into a short video with some transitions and taking the clips and choosing the ‘In’ and ‘Out part of this as the main part of the clip. This acts as the useful part of the video and then can use a transition to link more clips together. We used the ‘Cross dissolve’ transition as this is very smooth and doesn’t jump but glides onto the next part of the video. We played the video through ‘Pressing the space bar’ to see how it would look and what needed to be added.

Furthermore, we also learnt about using audio and how to turn the volume down on the video so we can overlay the clip with an audio clip of our own. The blue bar laying under the video is the audio for my clip, by dragging the bar down this mutes the sound meaning you can overlay audio onto the video without audio from the original clip playing. However, this is an optional thing you can do.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 10.34.46

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 10.27.10

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 10.16.11

7.2.2 Building My Website

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.16.11.png

When creating a template for my website, I firstly looked up some free stock images on various different websites, my favourite being I used stock images to avoid copyrighting. Afterwards, I took a screenshot of the placement of my images in the theme ‘masonry’ and now know how the layout will look.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.55.45.png

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