My action plan for creating my website was after researching different websites to see the design layout of the page (for example, Grid, Masonry, Metro and Column) and then use these examples to influence the creation of my own template for a layout for my website.

I first researched some websites to inspire a design I could use when creating my own, I googled ‘Interesting Websites’ and found many different layout ideas that were out of the ordinary to a ‘typical’ website. I thought these websites would best influence the creation of my own website as the interesting and modern layout kept the site looking interesting and exciting. I found a few examples such as these sources:

After researching, I then created basic design templates for a layout for my website which was just a basic example of what we could create and then later adapt to our personal liking. These examples being (Grid, Masonry, Metro and Column) we then added stock images to these places and basic text to give us an example of what our website could look like. I found stock images on this website:

I used this website as it was simple and easy to use and held many professional photographs which were very Instagram/Tumblr-esque which could easily be found by typing in the image wanted and finding a range to suit the style and theme.

I have managed my time quite well, making sure that in the sessions I had for creating my website, doing research, creating the templates and etc, I managed to get everything I needed to do finished. However, something that constrained my work is that I missed out on a session of creating my website (15/02/16) Which means I will need to find out what I need to do and catch up with this. However, we are still not finished completely which will give me time to catch up with my website planning. I plan to make sure I don’t miss any other sessions so I can catch up and if needed, I will stay behind to finish what needs to be done.

I believe that when planning my research and production of my website, I could have researched better by doing research for my website throughout the production which would maximize the effectiveness of the final product as I would be able to find information on how websites use different formats for different purposes and adapt that into my own creation for a desired purpose. I also believe I could have branched out and used a quirkier and more exciting format for a more modernized and ‘out of the norm’ website which would be more enticing for people to visit.


Before designing my website, I researched different formats and layouts of websites so that I could know how profession websites use different formats depending on their purposes and how the theme and look of this website can entice their audience into visiting. To do this, I googled ‘interesting websites’ and found a few of the following sources, these formats are all different because of the content the website contains and gives good examples of what I could do when creating my own website. As stated beforehand, I believe my research could have been more affecti

I then used my findings to influence how I will design my website to look, the different formats I found on the websites that I researched used complex and creative ways to display the content on the page which influenced me to want to do the same. I believed the research I did was enough to allow me to create my website effectively. I believe the only extra research I could have done was research how different popular social media websites display their content and how the display makes it easy to use and also exciting and creative enticing people to use it. For example, Tumblr (which uses a masonry layout which a very popular choice for websites that want to show many photos) is popular for it’s choices in layout as the website is based around photos.

I didn’t do any research during the production of my website which I believe I should have done as this method would have been more effective in the creation of my website as I would have had a better idea of layouts and what to include when creating my website to make it more appealing to an audience that may find it interesting as it is out of the norm of a ‘regular’ website page.

The Product 

I believe my website is fit for purpose as it is designed for accurate usage while taking into consideration it’s colour (as this will appeal and attract a certain audience to a website) For example, if a website is aimed towards a girl, it would use softer colours such as pink as this stereotypically appeals to girls more than it would boys attracting the target audience. I also took into consideration the text clarity and if this was clear enough to understand and provide information on the website. The information placement was also an important factor as it had to be clear and simple enough to find without the page looking plain, unattractive or messy.

I believe that the layout I had for my website was visually appealing and easy to understand. I also took into consideration the technical side of my website. Such as the buttons and links which meant hovering over an image or word would link to a page or light up in a way which complimented the websites theme. I also thought about the slideshow and believe I could have improved the technicality of my webpage by adding

I learnt how to make a simple website by using different layout designs and learning about these popular choices. I then learnt about how to structure a website and add technical parts to my website such as hyperlinks and roll-over affects.

I believe my website would appeal to it’s target audience as the theme of my website is in a format and design that would appeal to the age group and interests of my target audience. Also, the layout isn’t like a usual website making it more visually appealing and exciting.

I didn’t do any audience research before I created my website and I believe that if I did so, I would have a better understanding of what to add to my own website to appeal to others along the technical and appearance side of my website such as colour schemes and hyperlinks to various pages along with additional information which could be adapted or improved on.

I haven’t received any audience feedback as I currently haven’t finished my final product yet.

I haven’t yet received any feedback from an industry practitioner as I currently haven’t finished my final product yet.

I believe my product sticks to the rules of media law and ethical guidelines as it does not give out personal information on myself or anyone else and does not contain harsh graphics, language or something unsuitable for under 18’s which would be part of my target audience.


How would you improve:

Planning – I would improve this by attended all my lessons to learn the technical side to producing my website so I can create my work to it’s highest potential. By doing this I would have had a better understanding of the types of websites I could create.

Research – To improve my overall website production, by doing research throughout the creation of my website I would have raised the quality of my website layout and technical side to the creation of my website.

Product – I believe I could adapted the style and theme of my website to suit a larger audience. On the technical side, I believe that I could have added more hyperlinks to each of my pages to make it more interesting and exciting while also having other videos on various pages.