When creating my visual-based project, I had an idea in mind that I wanted to start with when creating my short feature video. I planned on creating a fashion-based feature video in which I interview and film my friend on what they most like to wear during the winter season in which they showed me an example of what they would typically wear. I planned on getting some nature shots to fit into the theme of winter and to film the outfit shown outside as this fits in with the relevance of dressing for the colder months. For the interview, I was going to film a one on one talk with my friend in which I asked them what their winter essentials were and a typical outfit they would wear on a winters day. I also created a storyboard to show how my video would look as a plan and to show the scenes I need to shoot.

Because of this planning, I knew how I wanted my film to look and what would be needed such as shots, and sets. This helped me to manage my time sufficiently and held to meet my deadline. However, I did have trouble getting filming equipment to film my video on, this meant without this problem I may have had extra time to edit and add extra footage if needed to better my video and would have managed my time better.

Furthermore, the constraint of not having equipment to shoot my video meant that I had less time to film and edit before my deadline which meant I would have to film and edit the video together as soon as I possibly could. However, because of this fault I made sure that my plan was very descriptive so that I knew exactly what I wanted to film meaning I could film in much less time. I also did part of my evaluation beforehand going over the things I could write about first so that I can save time after editing and filming to write all the evaluation. During my production, as I shot outside, I also had to consider not getting other in the video and the weather as this could hinder the quality of my video.

I believe when planning the production of my video I could have researched more effectively by finding more feature videos that involved fashion and nature to get inspiration for my own and which camera angles and shots. I also believe getting more examples of clothing would have helped when producing my video as this would have helped to aim visually the message I am getting through in my film. I think by doing so, my video would be sufficiently better as I could reach out to a larger audience by showing various styles.


When researching, I first watched a short film on a feature video of a photographer and his photography over the years dependently with the class. Then, I did my independent research by watching ‘fashion look books’ videos on Youtube which inspired how I could also set out my own look book segment of my feature video. It would also give me examples of camera angles (Such as panning, extreme wide shots, over-the-shoulder and close up)

By researching other winter look book videos on Youtube I used this to get inspiration on locations and what fashion-based items to include. As this would (hypothetically) be for a large audience, including lots of items would help provide advice more people.

I feel like I could have also looked at more professional short feature videos to see what real professionals do when editing their footage together to create a desired affect or derive emotions from their content as this would help to improve my video footage.

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The product 





I believe my video would appeal to it’s target audience – people who are interested in fashion. I feel like my video would be entertaining and visually appealing to my audience because of the nature and the look book feel my video has which are very popular videos to watch on Youtube by fashion gurus. However, it may not appeal to all audiences because my interviewee’s style may not appeal to everyone which may make an audience member uninterested in the video.






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