For my action plan I found some stories that I could report on which I could also interview somebody on by asking them a question. For this, I found a recent story in which would be open for opinions on. I proposed to record my short story headlines and then my interview to edit into a short news broadcast for ‘Sound radio’

Although I missed out on a lesson, I caught up by writing up my script and recording my stories and interview and then editing it all together into a segment for ‘sound radio’ I managed to do this all in one lesson and caught up to meet the deadline. I believe because I knew what I needed to, I didn’t need to plan too much before finishing my work so my planning was effective as it helped me finish quicker.

I had a few constraints which affected my project. A personal one I had was that I had to attend a maths lesson when we learnt how to use the editing app ‘Garage band’ however I learnt quickly how to edit by news piece together so I could finish this. However, on a technical level, I had to consider where I filmed so I wouldn’t get any unwanted background noise from people and everyday activities. I had to avoid having other voices in the background to obey media laws. As this was only audio though , I didn’t have to worry about lighting or having people in the background of a video.

I believe I could have researched my news stories more effectively to ones of a similar theme and have my main story as a story which has been widely spoken about as this would mean I could ask my interviewee a more in depth question which would result in a more professional-sounding, opinion-based answer.


For my researched. I searched various websites such as BBC news, ITV news, and various newspaper websites for some stories to report on. I had the best luck on BBC News. I only searched online when researching as this was the only source available and gave me information the easiest and quickest.

When I found my research I adapted this into making my script, as the script had to be short I read through the story online and focused on the five w’s of news writing; who, what, when, where and why and then cut down the crucial parts of the story for my broadcast.

I believe I could have expanded on the research I did by researching different news sources such as other various websites, radio stations and newspapers such as The Telegraph and The Star to see how the news differs on a broadsheet to a tabloid newspaper. I believe I would have had a better understanding of how news is presented depending on the format it is in.

During production, I also researched to see what other stories I may have been able to report so I looked at BBC News again to see if I could find something I may find better to report on so my question on the story would serve a better answer.

The Product

I believe I fit the codes and conventions of the product I needed to create. I created a short news report within the time allotted (60-90 seconds) and created a question from one of my news reports to ask an interviewee and then edited this together to sound like a real report for our radio station ‘Sound Radio’. I believe to improve I may have found stories that linked nicer together or a mix of soft and hard news depending on the audience it was for and to also take into consideration who my audience would be and small details I would need to think about for when created a news bulletin.

I believe I could have edited my audio to a better standard making it sound more professional and natural-flowing similar to a real radio bulletin. I believe the way I delivered my news worked really well. My speaking went well as it was clear, loud and at a good pace. I also covered the five w’s of news writing in my small news paragraphs while still delivering the information needed from the story.

From doing this project, I learned how to use Garageband to edit my video together to create my news bulletin. I also learnt how to use a zoom mic to record my audio.

I believe it would appeal to it’s target audience as the stories mentioned were would interest the audience it was for. ‘Sound radio’ would primarily be aimed at college students so knowing about the stories I mentioned in my radio bulletin would benefit and interest them. For example, knowing about the new train tram will benefit the target audience for this radio bulletin as most of the audience would still be using public transport, so a new arrival of transport would interest this audience.

I asked some people in the target audience if they knew about any of the news that I was reporting and the people I asked had similar answers, answering yes to the stories yet not in full detail. This helped give me an idea of what to report on so I could report on popular stories in more detail.

I have not received any audience feedback yet on my final product. However, I have had someone listen to my audio without it’s final editing and they gave me positive feedback on this.

I haven’t received any feedback from an industry practitioner yet.

I believe it sticks to the media law and ethical guidelines. My content doesn’t contain any information or names of ‘everyday’ people without their consent. There is also no mention of ‘hard’ news containing violence, alcohol or drug abuse, sexual behaviours or bad language.


Planning – I think I should have prepared my interview question better to gain a longer and opinionated answer.

Research -I believe I could have asked a wider variety of people on current stories they have heard or done a wider search of new and exciting stories to report on.

Product – I feel like my editing could have gone better by fixing the audio so that everything could be heard clearly and going through my audio multiple times to make sure the editing was to it’s fullest potential and sounded good.