The largest age group of the Sheffield Star are within the age group 16-25 year old with 7585 out of a population of 433,856 people in Sheffield reading The Star and the majority of readers being within he C2DE group. As the largest group of readers of the magazine are within the 16-25 year old age group, they want to target content suitable for the age group. To do this, they have dedicated two pages of the newspaper to the journalist students at Hillsborough College.

Focus Group Feedback:

After looking through a newspaper and sharing points with my group on our examples of likes and dislikes about the newspaper, I have concluded a list of likes and dislikes about the newspaper and thoughts on how my disliked points could be improved and what I liked about parts of the newspaper.

Firstly, there were pages dedicated to many different topics with articles on subjects such as sport, entertainment, news and the weather so there are parts of the newspaper suited for everyone depending on what they require the newspaper for and it’s easy to search for the page you want. Another point is that the newspaper (as it has to be somewhat professional) means that it does not vulgar images or text and includes article topics suited for everyone making it appropriate and suitable for all ages to read. Lastly, throughout the newspaper, there is also a mixture of colours on the front page and on the pages without being overwhelming and drawing too much attention away from the column writing. The colours adds life to important pieces of writing and titles that may need attention and overall makes the page look more visually appealing.

However, there were also parts of the newspaper I, plus my group discussed could be improved on. For example, the layout used on newspapers could be designed better. To improve, I believe if the fonts used for articles were bigger, it would make it look like there was less writing which would make a person more likely to be interested in reading something and then being hooked onto reading the article for the article’s quality itself despite the length. I also believe changing up the layout of a newspaper would make it more interesting for a reader as it would be something new. Another point I believed could be improved is the colour scheme of a newspaper. The colours used are  very limited while also being quite muted. I believe pops of vibrant colour would be even more effective than a scatter of colour as the varied vibrant pops of colour on the page would instantly draw the reader to this and could be used to highlight important articles and information.



Overall, taking into account the points I have made, I believe the main things that didn’t work well and did work well is the colour scheme of the newspaper and only adding occasional, vibrant pops of colour and what I believed worked well is the variety of article subjects.