What is a Webzine?

A webzine is an electronic magazine published on the internet. Some social groups use different names to describe Webzines such as Ezines which is a more specialised term given to smaller online magazines and newsletters by electronic methods, for example, electronic mail. Some groups may also refer to Cyberzine and Hyperzine and some online magazines may refer to themselves as ‘electronic magazines’ or ‘e-magazines’.

Examples of Webzines

Examples of some popular Webzines include:

City Limits

Orion Magazine




The difference between a blog and a Webzine


When it comes to online blogs and webzines – there are definitely key differences between the styling of format, content and writing style.

Online magazines will usually include stories that are highlighted on the front page of the site as this is the main focus of their page and what readers are the most interested in. However, blogs are more likely to minimise the number of stories on the front of their page is this will not be their main interest to readers.

Webzines, as they are magazines, will usually have a more format writing style and have less of a personal relationship with the readers as they will be writing in a non-biased way to a widespread of readers and have to keep an appropriate and equal relationship to all readers without offending or having controversial opinions. Whereas, blogs are much more personal to the creator and will have more of a relationship with their readers and are able to state their opinions in a much more casual way meaning that the writing style of a blogger may be more informal.
Finally, the format of a blog and webzine are much different. Webzines will usually imitate the format of a traditional magazine with issues that contain articles and ads that will be in a traditional column style on the front page. Whereas, blogs will usually contain posts about varied subjects the blogger chooses and will be written in a more freeform and diary-entry style.


Webzine Logo Research

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 09.29.09.png

I like the simplicity of this logo as the artistic minimalism of the logo isn’t too ‘In your face’ yet is attractive as the style is plain but interesting.


I also like this logo as it isn’t too busy but still eye-catching because of it’s dainty detailing around a fancier font. I believe the logo is pretty but minimal so people would be interested in knowing about the website and not overwhelmed by block lettering or colours.


I am also a fan of this logo as it includes enough detail to know what the webzine or blog will be about and the minimal dainty design is interesting without being overwhelming. The muted colours are also attractive as they sit nicely behind the gold detailing of the words which stand out because of the metallic colour which gives the photo more texture.

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 10.09.34.png

This is a similar logo to the prior one, I also like this style as it has similarities to the one beforehand. I also like how it frames the font is a metallic gold box also standing out against the minimal background because of the pastel background and textured font.


I like this font as it is quite a ‘un-done’ and handwritten.

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 10.57.48.png