By Kirsty McFarlane

It’s a no-brainer that everyone wants to save a little money when they can, especially students on a budget. With the need for clothing for college and university, the latest technology and finding new places to eat, the costs can really add up.

However, UNiDAYS is a free online app which can be found on the app store, including access to online and in-store discounts on the most popular brands and retailers saving you money daily; an opportunity you do not want to miss.

I often use discounts myself when I go shopping as a lot of high street clothing stores will have reductions on popular shops such as Newlook, Topshop, H&M and Jack Wills.

To use your discount, you simply show your UNiDAYS ID when in store or type in your given code shown on the app when shopping online. There’s even a McDonald’s perk and a 10% discount on the Just Eat app which is handy when you want a treat!

UNiDAYS is suitable for all students no matter what your interests and needs are. For example, for the athletic and sporty individuals there are discounts for gym memberships, fitness apps and protein powders used for people wanting to build a little muscle.

For people into games and technology there are codes for popular technology-based brands such as Apple, Canon and other various computer-based brands such as HP and Microsoft. They even have an Xbox bundle code for people that like video games.

And finally, for beauty lovers on a budget, there are also high end make-up brand discounts such as Urban Decay and Benefit and it includes the store House Of Fraser (a store supplying high end make-up brands) so you can still look ‘on fleek’.