Youtubers are taking over the world.

More and more teens are favouring an evening of Youtube videos over a night of soap operas making the community of Youtube sensations rise in popularity and quantity.

Because of the rapidly growing number of subscribers, views, shares and promotions a Youtuber is getting per video, many often get the chance to work on secret projects resulting in a utopia filled with books, merchandise, cosmetics and fashion lines.

A lot of it is quite overwhelming. Popular beauty guru, Zoella states: “Over the past few years, my life seems to have taken a complete 180. Did I set out for it to become that way? Of course not. Did I ever expect it? Hell no. Did I ever plan on making a living from it? Nope.”

Many other popular Youtubers such as Lily Singh and Tanya Burr are bringing out their own personalised goodies for their fans to love while taking over Waterstones with books and stationary and highstreet drugstores with make up and bath products.

The number of channels earning six figures each year on YouTube has increased by 50% and is still growing in numbers making what seems to be a common hobby into a full-time job for many Youtubers.

Youtube lover Jess Bradley states: “Although they’re just people, I feel happy that there are more things to buy from the Youtubers I enjoy watching.” and Youtube fanatic Abbie Akers includes: “I think it’s good that Youtubers get to express their creativity in different ways and share it.”