Conspiracy in the air.

I feel as more unusual things happen in the world, the more people are intrigued by various conspiracy theories on all sorts of topics from unsolved mysteries, strange deaths and popular tragic events such as the JFK shooting and 911.

Many Youtubers are now including conspiracy videos in there schedule with popular Youtuber, Shane Dawson inspiring others to make similar videos on various topics and have more and more people interested with millions of views on his conspiracy videos.

A conspiracy theory is the belief that a secret conspirator has been decisive in producing a political event or evil outcome which theorists question and want to disprove, prove or do not approve of. A theorist typically identifies the conspirators and provides evidence that links them with an evil plan to harm someone and may point to a supposed cover up by authorities or media.

Lately, more and more people are being intrigued by popular conspiracy theories such as the Mandela effect (a theory in which things people have commonly identified as one thing is not as they remember) For example, the theory is derived from Nelson Mandela and people remembering him dying in prison however he lived on much longer than his release from prison and died recently in 2013. Other popular theories include aliens are hiding in Area 51, the American government are controlling the weather and a new theory in which people suggest that Hilary Clinton is hiding an illness as there are many photos and videos investigated by conspiracy theorists to suggest this.