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November 2016

10.3.1 10.3.2 Production Report

For Unit 10, I have created an array of work pieces for this module with a portfolio which included two photojournalism pieces, a multi-media package, a blog, a review and five news stories. In this report I am going to explore how I sourced my stories and how I conducted my primary and secondary research for my news stories. I will also talk about the weaknesses and strengths of my copy such as time management, planning and being non-biased in my writing. I will also include if I faced any problems or issues when producing copy and how I would improve if I had the opportunity.

When writing for each different piece, I had to take into account how each piece would be written differently by a journalist.

For example, in photojournalism, the journalist’s writing would be a lot shorter than a typical article, with one or two sentences describing what they see in the photo, this is because the photo would be the main focus point with the few sentences giving context to the photograph taken. This is sometimes done along with an article, journalists can also include photos to give further visual detail. For my photojournalism pieces, I focused on taking a clear photo which fit a theme (mine being Autumnal) and would need little context and then describing the scene in as little words as possible.

For news writing, journalists typically stick to the five W’s of news writing: Who, What, When, Where and Why as this gets to the point of the article quickly and can be used in the headline to summarise, and then is stated throughout the article in more detail. Journalists also stick to one sentence per paragraph as this means they can get to the point more efficiently and quicker which will keep a reader engaged and not overwhelmed by the amount of writing there is, which also means readers can find out information quickly.

With writing features, journalists will write mainly about a specific topic to a higher degree of detail typically being longer articles which includes more detail and explanation of the topic of the article. For my features, I focused on finding specific topics of news which interesting me while seeking sources from professionals on the subject to add comments and wrote in greater detail about the subject such as including the usual five W’s of news writing but expanding my explanations which differ from a regular news article.

I choose my stories based on my interests and current affairs at the time. However, I did take into account my audience when choosing my story in the hope that they would be interested as this would primarily be aimed at the same age group as myself. To source my stories I asked my friends as cultural sources on the specific topic of the story to give their input. However, I also did some secondary research



Asked friends


Secondary research – Supermoon




Supermoon 2016

This year the full moons of October, November and December all take place when the moon is at it’s closest to the Earth in it’s orbit. We call this a supermoon.

However, this year the supermoon is at it’s closest point to the Earth than it has been since 1948! This also means that instead of the average of four to six regular supermoons a year (In which the moon appears at it’s largest and brightest when it is a full moon) there will be no supermoons in 2017.

The moon will not come this close to Earth again until 2034 making it a sight not to be missed. The moon will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than average and will disrupt the Earths oceans causing tides to rise higher than normal.

The supermoon will be visible on the 13th and 14th of November because the moon will be on the perigee side of it’s elliptical orbit (the closest sides to Earth) rather than the apogee (the furthest side from the Earth.

Jessica Bradley, 18 “I’d never heard of a supermoon before but now that it’s becoming a popular topic I had noticed tonight (November 13th) it does look brighter and bigger than usual.”

Liam Flaherty, 18 “It was quite cloudy tonight so I couldn’t really see much but I did notice the moon looks brighter than usual so I’m hoping to be able to see it tonight.”

Make sure on the night to go somewhere with few clouds and is very dark so the moon is visible.


Suicide Squad: The Extended Cut

Although with the long anticipated wait for the Suicide Squad film to be released finally and the large profit the movie claimed. There was still negative reviews on the film from people unsatisfied regarding large plot holes and a lack of Joker scenes despite being included in the trailer.

However, fans can put on their ‘Daddy’s Little  Monster’ T-shirts and ‘Damaged’ temporary tattoos once again because the studio is releasing a brand new trailer to the extended cut of Suicide Squad which promises thirteen minutes of extra footage which – as to fans delight – includes more Joker and Harley Quinn scenes adding depth to their flat on-screen relationship.

Jessica Bradley, 18 said “Because of the hype surrounding the new release of the extended cut I am more likely to watch this as I did not see the first official release of the movie.”

Many fans were left disappointed when it was revealed that Jared Leto (Who played The Joker) was left annoyed when the first final cut of the film only included less than ten minutes of on-screen Joker time. Furthermore, many important clips which included the structure and portrayal of the true Joker and Harley Quinn relationship which will paint the relationship in a more true-to-character light with themes of their abusive relationship being included.

Liam Flaherty, 18 stated “It definitely excites me. I’m hoping that we’ll see the film for what it was truly meant to be before everything was cut down. I’m also looking forward to seeing more of Jared Leto’s Joker who didn’t really get a chance to see much due to the movies running time.”


The Opening Of The Primark Moor

With the opening of the new Primark Moor, many people have been stumbling through the doors to see the new and improved high-street store which has been described as more ‘modern’ and ‘Americanised’ by excited customers.

With it’s two floors the store is better than ever with it’s floor to ceiling racks of clothes with a whole segment for jeans and an improved pajamas and lingerie department.

There is also a more organised layout for the floors with a large home range and even a section for sweets to be sold and a fancier changing room area.

I’ve asked local Primark fanatics about their thoughts on the new arrival of Primark based on the Moor with Jessica Bradley, 18 stating “It’s inconvenient for me as now I have to walk further and it is not based around the shops I usually like to go to. However, I think that the new Primark has really upped their game.”

I also asked Abbie Akers, 17 who said “I really like the new layout of the Primark store as it looks a lot more Americanised and modern. It makes the shop looked a lot more expensive than it is.”



Review – MAC Cosmetics – Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15

MAC Studio Fix Fluid 

MAC studio fix fluid claims to be a medium to full build able coverage with ‘broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15/PA++ protection’ That blends effortlessly minimising the appearance of pores giving the skin a more flawless look and finish.

Skin Type: Made for all skin types

Price: £22.00

Coverage: Medium to full buildable coverage

Shade Selection: 42 Shades

Longevity: Eight hour wear

Finish (Matte/Demi/Dewy): Matte Finish

Oxidises: Does not say/Claim to

Minimises pores, prevents shine, oil control and sweat and humidity resistant?: Claims to do all

I have been using this foundation for almost a year and have been able to use it through all seasons and weather conditions. I have gone through two bottles during this time. I want to give you my thoughts and opinions on this foundation and whether it is worth buying.

 My Review

My skin type: Dry/Problematic

Doesn’t cling to dry patches however can become oily on the t-zone during the day (even with powder)

Price: £22.00

I believe the price is reasonably cheap for a higher end foundation and for the product overall, however, I would be more inclined to re-purchase the foundation if it was slightly cheaper.

Coverage: Full buildable coverage

I believe the foundation can easily become a full coverage foundation if used with a damp beauty blender and pressed into the skin. This is the technique I like to use and does not become cakey.

Shade Selection: My shade is NW10 which suits very pale, pink under-toned skin.

Longevity: Can depend on the circumstances

I usually wear this foundation on a College day and do not take it off until bedtime so can be wearing this for twice the amount of hours it claims to last. I believe I do not start becoming oily until the 6th hour, where I lightly recover the oily patches with powder. However, I can wear this foundation all day and it still looks good by the time I get home which could be about 10 hours.

Finish: Matte Finish

Definitely true to claim

Oxidises: True to colour the first time applied

Minimised pores: Pores are not visible

Prevents shine: Does not look shiny because of it’s matte finish

Oil control and sweat and humidity resistant: I believe on oiler skin types, this foundation may start to become oily during the day and may need touch-ups. However, on my usually dryer skin, it does not become oily except in the t-zone around hour six on a typical day.

Summary: I have owned this foundation for nearly a year while also repurchasing it. I have worn it during cold and hot weather and humid and rainy weather and it hasn’t failed me. I suffer from spot-prone skin and it works well at hiding little imperfections and helping to minimise the appearance of larger ones. I enjoy the matte finish and how well it lasts on the skin. Even as a matte finish on dryer skill, I believe it does not look cakey on the face and would work perfectly for something with combination skin.









Cows graze calmly on fields near Norton Oakes Cricket Club.

The peaceful scenic views can be enjoyed by passers by while getting close to the animals.

The leaves transition in the fields where cows and sheep roam freely.


Sunrise at 7:50am on the back road of Norton Oakes Cricket Club.

The sun rises over frosted fields on the cold autumn morning.

The sun shined over the surrounding fields creating a glowy, warm atmosphere.



A cosy day spent inside on a cold autumn day.

The candles casted a warm glow in my bedroom with the two candles creating a perfect autumnal scent.

The candles created the perfect autumnal mood and makes me excited for the weather to change.


The sun begins to set over Gleadless with views overlooking Sheffield.

The orange and pink clouds lit up the autumn skies as the night began to get colder.

Me and my friend spent the time watching the sun set over Sheffield from the top of Gleadless Valley.


An assortment of leaves that had fallen from the trees.

On my walk I came across leaves in all sorts of colours laying in the park grounds.



In today’s lesson I will firstly, tag previous research I did in Unit’s nine to twelve into my proposal.  I hope to check my emails for my FMP interviews and make a start on one of my features.

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