As an individual, I have always had a fascination with literacy and fashion and what pathways they would lead me to such as enjoying creative fields including media, design and creative writing. I have always had a passion for these subjects and as I have matured, I believe I have kept the same desire and drive to venture into a career related to those subjects. I believe by taking this course it will help me aid in my desire to join a related career and will help to open up more job opportunities for me. I also believe I have prior knowledge on the skills needed for this course.

I believe I’m an approachable and friendly person that thrives in helping others and think of myself as independent meaning I do not always depend on directions from others. I always strive to achieve the best I can and have a deep passion from learning new skills. Along with always being a creative person that enjoys art and creative writing, I am good at analysing and searching in depth at work pieces as I have learnt these skills on my current College course.

Outside of College and within my course I have learnt a range of skills such as: organisation skills and am able to manage my work and free time into putting my priorities first and keeping up to date with my work load and deadlines. I also love planning outings and events with my friends and usually take over with the planning. I am also a naturally friendly person and am approachable with good leadership skills from prior experiences such as being the leader of group projects to previous volunteering experience as a gymnastics teacher to primary school children. Furthermore, I have also developed writing skills with story writing being one of my biggest hobbies. Having a passion for both English literature and language and exceptionally enjoy writing stories, poems and even songs and do this in my spare time. I am confident in my analytical skills and journalism knowledge from my two year course in Social Media & Journalism with examples including deciphering news stories, research skills, copy writing, writing for a target audience, and using software to create a website and magazine editing.

In my opinion, planning outings and events in my personal life has lead me to gain organisation skills, creativity, leadership skills and a habit of meeting deadlines. I believe this will be helpful in the course I desire to take as I am able to take the lead and give creative ideas and opinions openly while finishing any work I have within my deadline and managing the work I have to do in an organised manner while perhaps having to work under pressure.

Furthermore, between October of 2011 and December of 2012, I volunteered at my old primary school teaching five to eleven year-old kids basic gymnastic and dance skills. I did this for fourteen months and during the time, I gathered an array of skills such as (mentioned prior) leadership skills by taking charge of a group and leading the group into new arrangements each week set by myself. I also learnt patience and communication skills by interacting with children who may need more attention and can become more easily distracted or temperamental than adults. I am also currently doing work experience with The Sheffield Star newspaper and am writing articles as a journalist to be included in the newspaper which includes meeting deadlines and improving my writing skills which I believe will help in my future courses.