Cows graze calmly on fields near Norton Oakes Cricket Club.

The peaceful scenic views can be enjoyed by passers by while getting close to the animals.

The leaves transition in the fields where cows and sheep roam freely.


Sunrise at 7:50am on the back road of Norton Oakes Cricket Club.

The sun rises over frosted fields on the cold autumn morning.

The sun shined over the surrounding fields creating a glowy, warm atmosphere.



A cosy day spent inside on a cold autumn day.

The candles casted a warm glow in my bedroom with the two candles creating a perfect autumnal scent.

The candles created the perfect autumnal mood and makes me excited for the weather to change.


The sun begins to set over Gleadless with views overlooking Sheffield.

The orange and pink clouds lit up the autumn skies as the night began to get colder.

Me and my friend spent the time watching the sun set over Sheffield from the top of Gleadless Valley.


An assortment of leaves that had fallen from the trees.

On my walk I came across leaves in all sorts of colours laying in the park grounds.