With the opening of the new Primark Moor, many people have been stumbling through the doors to see the new and improved high-street store which has been described as more ‘modern’ and ‘Americanised’ by excited customers.

With it’s two floors the store is better than ever with it’s floor to ceiling racks of clothes with a whole segment for jeans and an improved pajamas and lingerie department.

There is also a more organised layout for the floors with a large home range and even a section for sweets to be sold and a fancier changing room area.

I’ve asked local Primark fanatics about their thoughts on the new arrival of Primark based on the Moor with Jessica Bradley, 18 stating “It’s inconvenient for me as now I have to walk further and it is not based around the shops I usually like to go to. However, I think that the new Primark has really upped their game.”

I also asked Abbie Akers, 17 who said “I really like the new layout of the Primark store as it looks a lot more Americanised and modern. It makes the shop looked a lot more expensive than it is.”