For my specialist study, I chose to investigate the marketing of beauty . In this review, I will be evaluating my research sources including academic and cultural sources and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the sources and whether I believe they are relevant and useful.

My hypothesis is that the marketing of beauty contains many factors including choice of medium and timing although the target audience is the main factor.

Firstly, I started my academic research by looking at the book Marketing (Gray, 2000) . I found this book to be helpful in telling me the very basis of marketing is and about in the very first pages. I pulled many short quotes from this book to use as sources and also explained advertising techniques to me easily. I believed the source to be the most useful out of all of my sources, as I was able to get the most quotes from this source. It was also written by a published academic, who would have done a lot of research beforehand, meaning the source is reliable. However, as the source’s weakness, the book was published in 2000. Meaning the source is quite outdated. This means that information at the current time may now be incorrect.

Marketing For Dummies (Mortimer, Brooks, Smith, Hiam, 2012) proved not to be very useful to me in the end. Although I was able to pull quotes about a marketing technique and some information about different types of advertising, it was the source I pulled the least amount of quotes from. However, the book was published in 2012 by multiple authors making the information more up-to-date and reliable.

Furthermore, Fashion Marketing (Easey, 2009) was also a useful source for me as I was able to find quotes that I could refer back to and relate to my specialist study topic as fashion marketing is a similar topic. I was also able to find relevant information that I could  use that I had not found beforehand and found the book very informative.

Marketing Communications (Blythe, 2000) was helpful to me as I was able to pull quotes from the book on ways companies brand their products which is another part of marketing. I was able to get a lot of information on how brand’s will brand their products and found the book helpful. However, the book was published in 1999, making the information outdated, nevertheless, I still found the source useful for finding quotes.

Beauty Brands & Digital Marketing: A Perfect Match (Coppinger, 2016)  is the article I used for my cultural source. I found quotes which stated how beauty brands are moving into the 21st century by stranding from traditional advertising and adopting more modern techniques. I am unsure whether this source will be useful or not. Although it is related to my specialist subject, I believe it may not fit into my essay very easily.

To conclude, I believe the sources I have found will be successful in helping me write my essay as I believe I have gathered enough information from my quotes to be able to talk about my specialist subject in detail.



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