From my own research on webzines, I have gained an understanding in what a webzine is and am able to identify characteristics of a webzine such as the difference between a website and a website – a webzine being a magazine with scheduled issues of content being produced on a schedule of the creators choice.

I hope to apply the knowledge I have learnt from my research and create categories for my webzine as I have noticed this is an effective layout for people to be able to locate information they want and a popular way to display information amongst webzines by using sidebars. Sidebars are the most helpful and effective way of keeping multiple categories in one specific place while keeping the webzine from looking overcrowded and busy and aesthetically pleasing.

The use of categories means subcategories can be used when the website contains a lot of different types of information and I will model my own webzine like this. I also learnt that creating an archive helps myself, and visitors of the website to find specific issues of the webzine from specific dates or months quickly and helps to keep tabs on what I have created so far.

I have also noticed many webzines use large cursors to scroll through their page so phone users are able to find things easier. Some webzines will create their cursor to match their logo or theme of their webzine for example, a website called ‘Sketchy Business which uses a sketch-like image of a pen for a mouse cursor. Reference  I like this idea as I believe it will give my webzine more character and life.

I also researched different logo variations and designs to get inspiration for what I may want to design for my own webzine while considering the colour scheme, font and extra detailing.



I liked these ones as I think the styling, detail and colour scheme suited my webzine name ‘Pixie’ And wanted something very minimal and soft-looking. I believe the name of my webzine being called Pixie influenced me to think of very minimal and feminine-looking logos that matched the name.