My theme for my webzine will  be quite soft-looking with minimal pastel colours and silver and gold detailing with my logo inspiration reflecting this. I picked logos that had very intricate but small detailing as I hope to have this detail in the background with a main pastel colour focus and black font to contrast against the soft background. I also picked a font which had a quite ‘un-done’ hand written look to it to make it look more like a journal giving it a sense of intimacy and personality. I hope because of this, my target audience – the majority females aged 16 – 25 -will feel more involved in the webzine and feel a sense of comfort and trust when reading.

I plan to product a webzine based on beauty which will include tips, hacks, reviews, ethical beauty and interviews with beauty lovers and professional make up artists.

I decided to use the name ‘Pixie’ for my website as I think the name reflects my webzine content well. Pixies are often seen as cute and fun but also caring and soft which are traits I hope to interpret into my webzine content and design.



These are some font and logo ideas I researched for my initial design ideas for the logo, masthead and background. I looked at various pictures with things from the images that I would interpret into my own logo and masthead such as the outline of a pixie and detailing in pastel colours of the flower for an ‘X’ and vine designs to use as a border.