I decided to research similar webzines to my own which focused on fashion and beauty to get inspiration on which design features are most commonly used among these webzines which will give me an idea on how to style mine to make it look to my audience more like a  professional webzine such as these examples. I am able to see from these examples that webzines will have sidebars with different categories of information. I also noticed that webzines will use certain aspects to stand out such as a masthead which will make a statement and stand out amongst the colourful articles and a main focus article as you click on the website which is the first thing you would see.


I then started to build my website on ‘’ and I started by using the theme ‘Genie’ which was founded on ‘Themeforrest’ to create a more professional look to my webzine and create a more polished look. After this, I started to adapt the appearance by creating a left sidebar which will hold categories and also put in a fake logo to have an example of what it may look like once it has it’s real logo.

I also added one of my related articles to give the webzine a more real look and am able now to adapt my archive and move around parts of my webzine and think about how it would look with my masthead, logo and colour scheme to give the webzine more of a personality and am able to build my webzine to fit the look of a typical webzine.



I then started to design the basic parts of my website to give it more of a personal taste to mine and how I would like the page to look. For example, I changed the font and it’s colour to give it more of a pastel look and represent the type of content I am creating with the colours appealing to my target audience of females between 16 – 25.

On the sidebar, I also have an archive which means people viewing my webzine will be able to view past issues which will give them a view of my older articles, interviews and etc.