To prepare for creating my webzine, I had to consider the main theme of my webzine and research others which were similar to the end product I wanted to achieve. I wanted to create a beauty & lifestyle webzine and stuck with my initial idea throughout the creation of my webzine. When researching others alike it, I looked for the most prominent aspects of a webzine and the parts which made it different from a typical webzine to a beauty webzine. For the example the design aspects and the layout. I found many of the beauty webzines had menus for different beauty categories (for example, make-up, hair, lifestyle, etc) And also had more of a feminine layout to attract it’s majority audience with a ‘girlish’ font, logo and masthead and stereotypically featured a lot of pink and other bright colours on it’s pages.

I believe however I could have done more thorough research by  perhaps comparing more popular beauty webzines to more general ones to decipher between the aspects of a more professional webzine to a more amateur-created one. For example, a more ‘amateur’ webzine will have more of a blog-feel to it and may even have a section for personal posts unlike popular webzines which may have more than one admin, giving it a more professional vibe and takes away from personalising a webzine which a more ‘amateur’ webzine may do, as it is there’s alone. However, through my research, I can see that both types of webzine have many similaries with links to their social media, an ‘about’ section and a ‘contact’ page and will consider this when creating my own webzine.



Through developing my webzine I learnt skills in developing a webzine which could be useful for the future for example, the use of logos. A retina logo is a higher- quality logo with more pixels typically used on a computer or laptop which gives a clearer view on your webzine’s logo. A mobile touch icon is also important as it gives the webzine an identity and allows for mobile and tablet users to identify the site quickly without the use of text with image and colour being the first thing people are typically drawn to.

Overall, I think the design and theme of my webzine meets my specification with my webzine being primarily aimed at a female audience ages 16 -24 interested in beauty and lifestyle. I believe the simplistic layout which is similar in style to other beauty webzines make my webzine easy to navigate which will make it easier for users who may not be used to the internet or easier for mobile and tablet users which have smaller screens which would show less area of the webzine. The side bar makes it easier to categories the type of article a person may want or if they are looking for something specifically such as the archive (which makes it easier to find certain articles or issues of my webzine) or contact and about me information.

I also tested my webzine on multiple search engines such as mozilla firefox and internet explorer to ensure that it would work on multiple options of search engines that people may use and give my target audience a larger opportunity to use my webzine with minimal effort from their part.