Would you read any of these articles if they were published in a website/magazine? If so, why?

Replies –

“Read the conspiracy theory article and the Unidays article as they are interesting and relevant. Found them a bit long winded but some things could have been more in-depth/reduced.”

“Yeah because I like conspiracy theories and songs, so recommendations are always good.”

“I would like to see an article which further goes into some of the more famous and questionable conspiracy theories. I believe that true or false, conspiracy theories are really fun to read and also easily intriguing. I would also like to see the Unidays article in a magazine for I think it’s really helpful towards the target audience you are trying to appeal to.”

Please state if you believe the articles would appeal to the target audience? (16 -25)

Replies –

“Yes, as stated before they are relevant.”

“Yes because conspiracies are a big thing in our age range and music is something most of us like or interested in.”

“Yes, I believe that the articles would appeal to the target audience, more specifically the Unidays article. I agree with the articles point that most people our age are always looking for a discount and believe this article helps inform the target audience about one of the many possible ways to get these discounts.”

Did you find any of these articles interesting? If so/not Why?

Replies –

“The conspiracy theory article was interesting as it’s current and appealing.The Unidays one we would read but we know about it already so wouldn’t necessarily find it very interesting.”

“I liked the Unidays one, nothing like a good bargain. The music articles was also good because I can find new music from it.”

“The main article I found interesting was ‘Conspiracy In The Air’ article for reasons I had stated earlier.”

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I found my conspiracy theory article to be the most liked among the group of people stating it was interesting and relevant for people of my target audience as it is a popular trending topic and might interest people of my age. Whereas, my listical on the top 10 Autumnal songs was not mentioned much showing it isn’t a large interest for my target audience however I did have a report which said ‘And music is something most of us like or are interested in.’ However, I believe it was not as well received as my other two articles as music is a very personal thing with personal prefrence. And finally, my Unidays article was also liked for the fact it would be useful to my target audience that does not know about students discounts available to them while being  a popular choice of topic for this age group.