16/03/17 – Today I am starting my project by researching for information and ideas on articles and other pieces for my FMP so I have a clear idea on what I will be doing for each piece and what I need to focus on regarding information needed, equipment, photography and images, and getting in contact with professionals.

I knew I would face problems coming up with pieces for my FMP which didn’t include blogs or reviews as I believe beauty and lifestyle is very personal and what is seen as good or not is based on opinion. I decided I would talk to Tracy to try and tackle this problem and have a clear idea on what I can write about and produce.

I then talked to Shelina about contacting professionals and how I would get around areas of problems such as these people not replying or declining. I came to the conclusion the best way to solve this is to push for a reply and if they don’t reply, either try to contact other people in the related field or have a back up idea.

My first idea was to contact MUA’s in the Sheffield area and ask to interview them in their salon or if they work freelance, a place of their choice I could even try to contact photographers who may have used MUA’s on their set. Finally, my last idea was to get in contact with a make up artist at a make up counter such as No7 and Benefit.

I began by typing ‘beauty’ into google under the ‘news’ category to get initial ideas on current news including make up and fashion. I remembered a hype stirring on Instagram because of a newly popular liquid lipstick from Jouer cosmetics and found an article on this Article Idea (one)   and plan to use this as an idea for an article.

Another idea I had was one I believe to be a good choice as I could easily get an interview and photos to go along with it. I then googled what it’s like to work as a make up artist and will try to contact a freelance make up artist to interview them on their own experience to becoming a make up artist. Article Idea (Two)

With research on product releases of 2017, I also came up with an idea for my podcast by talking with my friends that love make up about new make up releases which is primarily news based with facts and statistics mixed with opinion as I believe this is the best way to publish this information. Podcast Idea

For one of my mobile package pieces, I’m still not aware if this has to be from a news-style perspective (I hope to find out in my email to Tracey) and if not, I planned on creating a video viewing top picks of make up from the drugstore with a voiceover explaining these products in more detail with an image of Superdrug and a short intro.

For a photojournalism piece I had the idea of doing a week of make up looks with a short description on what I did and how to create it with diversity in each look.

21/03/17 –

This morning, I finished coming up with my initial ideas for my FMP. My third feature I planned on doing is an interview with 16 – 25 year olds on their favourite make up brands and products they like to use. And my fourth feature was going to be on drugstore and high end ethical beauty which I hopes to do an infographic with once I do research.

For my slideshow, I had the idea of finding beauty dupes and comparing them to cheaper and more expensive alternatives for people who may be on a budget.

Lastly, my last idea was another podcast discussing catwalk make up looks from 2017 which includes crazy make up and if the people in the podcast liked it and would consider trying something similar. For now, I am going to find research so I am able to talk about this in a podcast. Podcast Idea

I started researching freelance make up artists in Sheffield to begin emailing them for an interview, I sent off questions to a person so I would have more chance of them answering back. I will give them five business days to reply (today is Monday) while emailing other people for them to reply and if they don’t reply, I will try again.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.01.03.png

I have now started researching different beauty products to use for my beauty dupes slideshow and have recorded notes for what I want to include in my slideshow. I also began to list some high end ethical beauty brands to include in my feature of ethical beauty.

This afternoon, I have decided to write up my cruelty-free drugstore and high end make up list which is a mix of an article and listical.

I then had a discussion with Helen about my progress and she suggested I asked a freelancer or make up artist at a counter about how many people they get at their counter around prom time and about how prom make up has adapted over the years. I decided this would be a good back up feature piece if I wasn’t able to do get in contact with anyone to do my feature on being a make up artist.

Once I had nearly completed my article, I spoke with Kayti about my progress and once explaining my cruelty-free make up article, we came to the idea of interviewing someone from The Body Shop or Lush to gain more information about the importance of cruelty-free make up.



Today, I started by emailing Lush for a short interview which will be used in my cruelty-free feature.

Email to Lush

I also began writing my article on the Jouer lipstick and found another source to help me with facts to report on in my feature.


After speaking with Tracy on Wednesday, I was told a lot of my ideas were too ‘blog-ish’ and opinion based. I have had to create new ideas for my FMP which includes me changing my FMP pieces from just beauty to beauty and lifestyle including fashion and music.

Because of this change, I feel like I may be pushed for time as I now have less time to create my project pieces while coming up with my ideas and updating my production diary with my new pieces.

I did receive an email back from Lush which included links to information and their youtube channel for answers to my question which I will have to use as quoted from Lush. This will be used for one of my back up features on ethical beauty.

I got in contact with my friend who has a niece who is a trainee make up artist to see if I am able to get in contact with her to interview her about the process of becoming a professional make up artist and her journey. I am hoping I will receive confirmation to an interview within the next week.

I will be sending emails today related to all my features as I think this will be the first step in my FMP as once I have gotten in contact with everyone needed, I can focus on my writing.


I have gotten confirmation I can do the interview this weekend so once I have my information, I will start writing this up.

Contact Page Christina Parker

Today, I will be further contacting MUA’s to do my article on being a professional make up artist which is like a follow on from my other MUA article.

Shelina then discussed updates on my progress with me and together thought of another idea for a feature which related to the Jouer lipstick article I was previously going to write. This feature included the impact social media has on marketing beauty products. For a possible interview, I could try to contact people that work in social media marketing and people I know on if they are influenced by social media to get a comparison between everyday people and professionals.

Now that I have my new ideas, I feel up to date on work as long as I make sure to contact everyone I may need to use in my FMP to make sure they are available. I am making notes on paper also to document what pieces I will be focusing on next and which I will be leaving for later so I can then document everything officially here and make sure to time keep. I think doing this will help me to keep a schedule with everything I have done and still need to complete while helping me to stay organised.

(Emailing template)

Hi, my name’s Kirsty and I’m a journalism student at Hillsborough college and am currently writing an article on how to become a make up artist. I was wondering if it wasn’t too much trouble, I could ask you a few questions about your process to become a MUA?

I would greatly appreciate if you could elaborate on the questions below and if you have any further questions please just ask.

1. What kind of make up looks do you specialise in? (Theatrical/Wedding/etc)

2. What brands do you like to use on clients and do you recommend anything to your clients?

3. What inspired you into becoming a make up artist?

4. Do you have a portfolio of your work? And if so/not, do you believe having one is important?

Thank you for your time


In today’s lesson, I sent out my questions for my MUA interview and will receive the answers this week and will then write up my introduction to the article this lesson and then finish the article in the holidays once I receive my questions. I received back my interview questions for my professional MUA article and will write that this lesson.

I feel like once I have these two articles out the way, I can go back to my third article about the female musician icons (for fashion and make up etc) and then can begin other things such as my podcasts as these will be the easiest things for me to do.

This afternoon, I have finished my introduction for the MUA article and have found a statistic which I hope to turn into an infographic Reference which I will reference in my article. I am now focused on the the professional MUA article.

After speaking with Tracy on Wednesday, I told her I had received back an email from LUSH in case I wanted to use this as a FMP piece, she told me to email back to get permission to use their articles for quotes to risk the use of copyright on their website so I have sent an email so I am able to get this permission.


This morning, I’m continuing with my professional make-up artist article and writing up the interview portion. I have also had an email reply from LUSH again so I’m hoping to get permission from them soon.

I received an email back from LUSH with confirmation that I could use quotes from their website and now I can avoid copyright if I was to use them

<info@sarahgraymua.com> – Sarah Gray (Interviewee for professional MUA article)


Today, I wanted to make a start on getting images for my photojournalism piece along with pictures for my slideshow. My photojournalism piece is a story on how ‘Grunge’ has adapted from the late 80’s and 90’s to present day as a music genre to a fashion sense and trend. I feel I may need to take more at a later date as I want more variation for my slideshow.

I asked my friend prior to the photo shoot for confirmation she could help me. I got images of her in different make-up and outfits inspired by the trend and will take more at a later date if necessary.

I did this shoot over the weekend, and had to think about lighting and setting for this shoot as although I wanted the image to look professional as possible and take into prior information I had learnt about photography on this course (e.g rule of thirds) because the theme was grunge, I wanted it to fit the theme with a slightly darker and dirty setting for the images. I did this as I believe it would not look right if for example, the images were shot on a sunny day or in a ‘girlish’ setting.

To achieve this, I shot various photos in her bedroom on a gloomy day and used natural lighting. I tried to make the background as plain and have as little colour as possible so all the attention was on her.

I feel because I have had to change a lot of my ideas over, I could be running shorter on time to complete my work to the best of my ability and quality. To combat this, I will make sure to schedule what I want to still need to get done and when. Having a written copy usually helps me to organise my thoughts better as I can see them displayed in front  of me.


Today I received back answers to my interview with Christina Parker for my article on the process to becoming a MUA and will be writing this up soon. I found it difficult to get my questions at a sooner date as my interviewee was busy with her own work. Today, I also planned one of my podcasts and have asked a friend if she would be willing to help.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 09.08.57.png


Today, I will be writing my interview with Christina up so tomorrow I can focus on writing up my photojournalism piece and creating (at least most) of my slideshow.


I have finalised both of my MUA articles including changing the name of my article with Christina to ‘How To Get Into The Make-up Industry’ So they did not seem too similar. I have uploaded my photos that will be included in my slideshow and will start to create that today. I am now going to work on my photojournalism piece and write the information and interview portion.

Photojournalism Research

I used this website along with a view pieces taken from Wikipedia (Which I’m aware is not always reliable which is why my main source of information was this website) as my research on Grunge and the culture surrounding it which helped to make my piece as professional as possible.

I am planning to create my podcasts on Friday (28th) as this is the best current time to do it and once I have, I will work on uploaded the audio files to sound cloud.

I have already thought about the pieces I want to create which includes an idea influenced by the research I did for LUSH. My first podcast will be about new LUSH product releases for 2017 and I will talk about the pricing, scents and ingredients with two of my friends who are also LUSH enthusiasts.

The second will be about new make up releases for 2017 which I had researched prior to coming with this idea so I already had information on the subject. However, I did look at popular webzines such as Glamour Magazine. to get inspiration for what I would include in my podcast. Finally, I made a podcast which was based on make-up struggles we all commonly deal with. I liked this idea because although it was informative it was also chatty and fun and added something different to my website and made it not as serious.


Today I had a conversation with Tracy and after reorganising myself and the pieces I wanted to create, I have decided to change my photojournalism piece (Grunge: An Adaptation) to an article that includes a slideshow. I have finished writing the basis of my article but I still need to get my interview and add questions.

I only have three weeks until the half term and I want to make sure I have completed everything so I am able to focus on building my website and uploading my work onto the website.


Today, I borrowed a zoom mic so I was able to start filming my podcasts, we had to find a quiet room so there was little to no background noise. This took the whole afternoon as I was helping to record podcasts for others.

I found there was a lot of echo and tried to minimise this through the editing software. However, I did not have time to re-record this as I was already short on time. I believe if I hadn’t had so many issues in the beginning, I may have had time to prevent or fix errors like this and create my pieces to an even higher standard.


Editing my first podcast.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 12.44.16.png


Editing second podcast.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 12.37.13.png

Today I added photos to my podcast to show what the podcast is about and make it look more exciting than a blank screen. Once I upload them to youtube I can copy the link and then upload them to my website.

I made these photos for my podcast through Canva. 

For now, my plans are to start building my website next week along with editing my mobile package, this weekend I am planning on doing some filming for my mobile package and hopefully I can get the rest within the next week so I can start editing it all together, if I cannot get the rest of the footage I need, I will start the writing part of the multimedia package and will include the photo (I already have) to go along with it.


At the moment, I am working on building my website as this small part will be important in displaying my project. I started with making my categories which were ‘Features’, ‘Podcasts & Videos’ and ‘Gallery’ as this would separate my project pieces well. And then I began to make my banner with my logo with the dimensions 1920 x 410. I started working on Canva.com however, after finding more graphics, I want to restart and make a banner which is more true to what I initially imagined.

I first came up with this which was not finished and was more of a first initial idea of what I may want it to look like with pastel colours.

Canva Example 1


Today, I started to edit together what I could of my mobile package without all the finalised parts needed from other people. I then began to edit my third podcast together and had Helen check through my first two, and I just have to fix something in my Lush podcast before re-uploading it to Youtube.


I then began to adapt my design on Canva with the new details I had downloaded and stuck to the original design for a logo for my website which included very delicate, pastel detailing and a minimalistic look.

Pixiwixi (1)

I then had Helen check through my first two podcasts and I just have to fix something in my Lush podcast before re-uploading it to Youtube. And began to organise my photojournalism piece which included getting my photo and what I would be writing.

I believed the banner design above to be my final design however, once thinking through what my website would look like once it was finished and had all it’s content, I believed the banner did not fit my theme accurately and was too feminine and girly and needed to be slightly ‘edgier’ to fit the content on my website and came up with a very minimal banner as I was short for time.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 13.04.26.png


I started the writing process of my photojournalism piece which is on the new trend of charcoal peel off face masks while planning what I would want to write through my own editing and research within the weekend and found this website article which would influence my writing.

I then began to write but was aware I still have not got my photo for this piece. I’ve found during my FMP that it is difficult to relay on people to always have the time to help me with different aspects of my project and looking back, would have come up with an idea for a substitute to this problem.



After creating this piece, this afternoon I am planning on creating a voiceover for my multimedia video as originally I was going to have someone else speaking in it through video. However, through trying to re-organise and schedule a time to do this between us, I figured it would be best to find my own solution to the problem such as creating a voiceover so I could still have everything finished in time.

I finished my photojournalism piece and now only need to take the photo that goes with it. I will still leave my voice over until this afternoon, but for now, I finally sent my questions out to my interviewee regarding my article ‘Grunge: An Adaptation’ and should expect a reply between this evening and tomorrow evening. Once I have my replies I can finish writing this article and will then only have to focus on my photo for my photojournalism and finishing the editing of my video which is over half way finished.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.48.53.png

I asked a few short questions as I believe my interviewee who is experienced in this field will be able to give me thorough answers to my questions.



Over this final week I have conducted some final audience feedback using Survey Monkey.

I found this an effective way to gather information on my website by including the questions I want to ask to my peers through a short survey that can be sent through various online platforms. I sent mine through a link on Facebook.

Through looking at my research I can prove that my website would be fit to publish as the appearance and navigation of my website scored high in the survey, suggesting people would enjoy the website if it was real.

My website can also prove it appeals to it’s target audience as two thirds of my audience feedback were from females who said they could easily identify the theme of my website being based around beauty and lifestyle, which when creating my website, I had a majority female audience in mind.


Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 15.20.21.png

From my feedback, I can also agree people stated they found it very easy to navigate around my site with the average number being 99% out of 100%. However, I believe this is because I had to make my site on WordPress instead of ThisIsTap which meant some of the professional and ‘real-looking’ website detailing was lost.

Finally, I believe the website could be improved by spending more time adding features to give the site more character such as images, an archive and spending more time on the overall appearance. If I had more time, I would have also included social media buttons to give it a more ‘real’ look to it.

I also believe I could have asked more in depth questions to my audience such as how they believe the site could be improved and what they think should be included as this could have counted towards in depth feedback.

Summative Conclusion

To conclude my project, I think my biggest strength throughout has been my problem solving as I have used my resources and planning to evade or solve struggles I have had. An example of this is at the start of my project when I had to create brand new ideas as the original ones were too ‘bloggish’ and meant I had wasted valuable time researching for articles I wasn’t going to create.

I also made sure to have a back-up plan when interviewees or friends could not help with my project meaning I was emailing various people at a time to try and get responses back for an interview or I would try and find a substitute.

My biggest weakness was time my time keeping meaning I struggled to keep organised as well as I could have been because I had to rush through some parts of my content meaning I lack occasional detail where it could have been included. I believe this may have been down to poor planning at the start of the project but once I created my new ideas, I believe I used my scheduling and strengths to help me finish within the deadline.

I always tried to find research sources where I could and when needed for example, I searched many pages for research on my Grunge: An Adaptation to find a reliable page. I found secondary research to be the easiest and most accessible source of research as I could have many up-to-date sources quickly. I found it difficult to find primary research for my project such as in books as many of my project pieces were not topics typically found in older, outdated books.