The industry of make-up artists is increasing substantially with an estimate in a 19.2% increase by 2024 with a higher demand for freelance artists who are able to travel to photo shoots, houses and other event venues such as weddings. With the help of social media, popularising unique and full faces of make-up, people are becoming interested in running their own businesses or working at beauty counters where more people have become interested in booking make-overs for night-outs or prom looks.

Because of the popularity in social media as a platform to demonstrate make-up skills across Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat, more teenagers and young adults influenced by social media have been more inclined to get into the world of make-up and turn this well-loved and creative hobby into a full-time job.

I asked professional, freelance make-up artist Sarah Gray based in Sheffield some questions about being a professional MUA and the work that is involved. I asked what first inspired Sarah into becoming a make-up artist which she replied “My interest in becoming a make-up artist came from an interest in fashion and photo shoots and looking at all the pictures in fashion magazines such as VOGUE.”

I then asked if she had a portfolio of work and if so/not, was it important to have one, Sarah said “I don’t have a physical portfolio of work but I suppose social media is my portfolio. People find me on there whether it being someone wanting prom make-up or someone wanting me to do a commercial photo shoot. It’s not very often someone will need to look through a portfolio, I think the last time I needed that was when I got the job at M.A.C.”

Sarah then stated the type of make-up looks she specializes in which is special occasion style make-up including “Weddings and going out make-up but I also do photo shoots where I can which is more of a fashion/beauty/editorial look. The only time I do more of a theatrical-style make-up is Halloween.”

Finally, Sarah talked about the type of make-up brands she likes to use on clients and if she ever recommends things to them. She mentioned she likes to use high-end products this including “A lot of M.A.C because I used to work there but I also love Laura Mercier, Illamasqua, Inglot… all sorts!.” For skin care, she mentioned she likes the brand Neals Yard. She added “I do recommend products if clients ask, but during make-up lessons I write down all the products I use.”