Grunge started as a sub genre of alternative rock in the mid 80’s to late 90’s where it originated in Washington D.C and died out shortly after it started with the style of music deemed ‘dirty’ and not ‘mainstream’ enough for TV and radio and carried a bad reputation with the band members and fans of this genre to participate in drug and alcohol abuse. With an article published in 1996 calling Seattle’s grunge scene a “Sub culture that has strongly embraced heroin.”

This was until famous grunge bands with the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains grew in popularity among people with a more ‘rebellious’ and darker nature who appreciated the themes the genre of music focused on and grew in popularity among teenagers of the 2000’s with lead singer, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana being a strong influence on the genre’s popularity increasing.

With the revival of the genre, teenagers took influence from the styles of band members with their outfits being usually for comfort purposes and looked ‘un-kept’ and styled in a ‘non-fashionable’ manner. With signature garments including Dr. Marten shoes, Flannel, buttoned shirts, ripped denim jeans and jackets.

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Over recent years, the ‘uncoordinated’ and messy look derived from grunge culture has become a more acceptable look and fashion trend typically among teenagers and young adults, but people of all ages have adopted the look also by adapting looks from members of various grunge bands and taken inspiration from the edgy and unisex style and aesthetic.

Edgier and imperfect make-up has become a trend on the catwalk with grunge and punk influencing make-up lovers to strive for a look less fresh-faced and glam to something darker and simple. The original look is very minimal and matte as it was not made to be eye-catching and more ‘heroin chic’. The make-up consisted of earthy matte tones on the eyes, smoked out with lots of mascara and pencil eyeliner applied to the waterline as the focus of the look, pale skin and either red lipstick or nude lips.

Former grunger, Imogen Mair, 17 stated ”