Here is a picture of my sister Lindsey, 24, trying one of the peel off face masks as it clears her face of grime.

Instagram has been the home of many crazy trends regarding beauty hacks and tips. Including applying foundation with silicone bra inserts, the newest of them is the peel off charcoal face mask which has had painful consequences for the users.

This peel off mask is designed to remove grime and blackheads from pores and has the sensation of ripping off your skin – not fun.

So why is it so popular?

This mask is essentially a large pore strip, making the amount of gunk and vellus hair, that comes out of your face, oddly satisfying to look at.

People have even resulted to making their own DIY spin on this originally, Korean face mask. including ingredients such as glue! Which is removing the surface layer of skin and leaving peoples faces feeling highly sensitive and painful.