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10.1.1 Focus Group Report


Would you read any of these articles if they were published in a website/magazine? If so, why?

Replies –

“Read the conspiracy theory article and the Unidays article as they are interesting and relevant. Found them a bit long winded but some things could have been more in-depth/reduced.”

“Yeah because I like conspiracy theories and songs, so recommendations are always good.”

“I would like to see an article which further goes into some of the more famous and questionable conspiracy theories. I believe that true or false, conspiracy theories are really fun to read and also easily intriguing. I would also like to see the Unidays article in a magazine for I think it’s really helpful towards the target audience you are trying to appeal to.”

Please state if you believe the articles would appeal to the target audience? (16 -25)

Replies –

“Yes, as stated before they are relevant.”

“Yes because conspiracies are a big thing in our age range and music is something most of us like or interested in.”

“Yes, I believe that the articles would appeal to the target audience, more specifically the Unidays article. I agree with the articles point that most people our age are always looking for a discount and believe this article helps inform the target audience about one of the many possible ways to get these discounts.”

Did you find any of these articles interesting? If so/not Why?

Replies –

“The conspiracy theory article was interesting as it’s current and appealing.The Unidays one we would read but we know about it already so wouldn’t necessarily find it very interesting.”

“I liked the Unidays one, nothing like a good bargain. The music articles was also good because I can find new music from it.”

“The main article I found interesting was ‘Conspiracy In The Air’ article for reasons I had stated earlier.”

Focus Group 1


Focus Group 2


Focus Group 3




I found my conspiracy theory article to be the most liked among the group of people stating it was interesting and relevant for people of my target audience as it is a popular trending topic and might interest people of my age. Whereas, my listical on the top 10 Autumnal songs was not mentioned much showing it isn’t a large interest for my target audience however I did have a report which said ‘And music is something most of us like or are interested in.’ However, I believe it was not as well received as my other two articles as music is a very personal thing with personal prefrence. And finally, my Unidays article was also liked for the fact it would be useful to my target audience that does not know about students discounts available to them while being  a popular choice of topic for this age group.


Unit 9 Checklist

1.1 Analysis of Webzine – Research the characteristics of webzine and compare to other similar products which allow for the publication of online content.

1.2 Interpretation – Based on research and identification of webzine characteristics write a proposal on how you to intend to use the knowledge to create your own – What will you publish?

2.1 Plan and development of your own webzine – this can be done via digital sketchbook which is essentially a place where you store photos, inspirations, logo/masthead designs, layouts and record software use.

2.2 Product design – This is where you make your webzine within the software – record with screenshots to prove competency and knowledge with association to planned goal.

3.1 Evaluate your webzine – Does it comply with the characteristics of your product you researched.

3.2 Reflect on what you have learnt and how you can take that knowledge through to your other projects.

The Opening Of The Primark Moor

With the opening of the new Primark Moor, many people have been stumbling through the doors to see the new and improved high-street store which has been described as more ‘modern’ and ‘Americanised’ by excited customers.

With it’s two floors the store is better than ever with it’s floor to ceiling racks of clothes with a whole segment for jeans and an improved pajamas and lingerie department.

There is also a more organised layout for the floors with a large home range and even a section for sweets to be sold and a fancier changing room area.

I’ve asked local Primark fanatics about their thoughts on the new arrival of Primark based on the Moor with Jessica Bradley, 18 stating “It’s inconvenient for me as now I have to walk further and it is not based around the shops I usually like to go to. However, I think that the new Primark has really upped their game.”

I also asked Abbie Akers, 17 who said “I really like the new layout of the Primark store as it looks a lot more Americanised and modern. It makes the shop looked a lot more expensive than it is.”



Review – MAC Cosmetics – Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15

MAC Studio Fix Fluid 

MAC studio fix fluid claims to be a medium to full build able coverage with ‘broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15/PA++ protection’ That blends effortlessly minimising the appearance of pores giving the skin a more flawless look and finish.

Skin Type: Made for all skin types

Price: £22.00

Coverage: Medium to full buildable coverage

Shade Selection: 42 Shades

Longevity: Eight hour wear

Finish (Matte/Demi/Dewy): Matte Finish

Oxidises: Does not say/Claim to

Minimises pores, prevents shine, oil control and sweat and humidity resistant?: Claims to do all

I have been using this foundation for almost a year and have been able to use it through all seasons and weather conditions. I have gone through two bottles during this time. I want to give you my thoughts and opinions on this foundation and whether it is worth buying.

 My Review

My skin type: Dry/Problematic

Doesn’t cling to dry patches however can become oily on the t-zone during the day (even with powder)

Price: £22.00

I believe the price is reasonably cheap for a higher end foundation and for the product overall, however, I would be more inclined to re-purchase the foundation if it was slightly cheaper.

Coverage: Full buildable coverage

I believe the foundation can easily become a full coverage foundation if used with a damp beauty blender and pressed into the skin. This is the technique I like to use and does not become cakey.

Shade Selection: My shade is NW10 which suits very pale, pink under-toned skin.

Longevity: Can depend on the circumstances

I usually wear this foundation on a College day and do not take it off until bedtime so can be wearing this for twice the amount of hours it claims to last. I believe I do not start becoming oily until the 6th hour, where I lightly recover the oily patches with powder. However, I can wear this foundation all day and it still looks good by the time I get home which could be about 10 hours.

Finish: Matte Finish

Definitely true to claim

Oxidises: True to colour the first time applied

Minimised pores: Pores are not visible

Prevents shine: Does not look shiny because of it’s matte finish

Oil control and sweat and humidity resistant: I believe on oiler skin types, this foundation may start to become oily during the day and may need touch-ups. However, on my usually dryer skin, it does not become oily except in the t-zone around hour six on a typical day.

Summary: I have owned this foundation for nearly a year while also repurchasing it. I have worn it during cold and hot weather and humid and rainy weather and it hasn’t failed me. I suffer from spot-prone skin and it works well at hiding little imperfections and helping to minimise the appearance of larger ones. I enjoy the matte finish and how well it lasts on the skin. Even as a matte finish on dryer skill, I believe it does not look cakey on the face and would work perfectly for something with combination skin.







Personal Statement (Draft 1)

As an individual, I have always had a fascination with literacy and fashion and what pathways they would lead me to such as enjoying creative fields including media, design and creative writing. I have always had a passion for these subjects and as I have matured, I believe I have kept the same desire and drive to venture into a career related to those subjects. I believe by taking this course it will help me aid in my desire to join a related career and will help to open up more job opportunities for me. I also believe I have prior knowledge on the skills needed for this course.

I believe I’m an approachable and friendly person that thrives in helping others and think of myself as independent meaning I do not always depend on directions from others. I always strive to achieve the best I can and have a deep passion from learning new skills. Along with always being a creative person that enjoys art and creative writing, I am good at analysing and searching in depth at work pieces as I have learnt these skills on my current College course.

Outside of College and within my course I have learnt a range of skills such as: organisation skills and am able to manage my work and free time into putting my priorities first and keeping up to date with my work load and deadlines. I also love planning outings and events with my friends and usually take over with the planning. I am also a naturally friendly person and am approachable with good leadership skills from prior experiences such as being the leader of group projects to previous volunteering experience as a gymnastics teacher to primary school children. Furthermore, I have also developed writing skills with story writing being one of my biggest hobbies. Having a passion for both English literature and language and exceptionally enjoy writing stories, poems and even songs and do this in my spare time. I am confident in my analytical skills and journalism knowledge from my two year course in Social Media & Journalism with examples including deciphering news stories, research skills, copy writing, writing for a target audience, and using software to create a website and magazine editing.

In my opinion, planning outings and events in my personal life has lead me to gain organisation skills, creativity, leadership skills and a habit of meeting deadlines. I believe this will be helpful in the course I desire to take as I am able to take the lead and give creative ideas and opinions openly while finishing any work I have within my deadline and managing the work I have to do in an organised manner while perhaps having to work under pressure.

Furthermore, between October of 2011 and December of 2012, I volunteered at my old primary school teaching five to eleven year-old kids basic gymnastic and dance skills. I did this for fourteen months and during the time, I gathered an array of skills such as (mentioned prior) leadership skills by taking charge of a group and leading the group into new arrangements each week set by myself. I also learnt patience and communication skills by interacting with children who may need more attention and can become more easily distracted or temperamental than adults. I am also currently doing work experience with The Sheffield Star newspaper and am writing articles as a journalist to be included in the newspaper which includes meeting deadlines and improving my writing skills which I believe will help in my future courses.


Conspiracy In The Air

Conspiracy in the air.

I feel as more unusual things happen in the world, the more people are intrigued by various conspiracy theories on all sorts of topics from unsolved mysteries, strange deaths and popular tragic events such as the JFK shooting and 911.

Many Youtubers are now including conspiracy videos in there schedule with popular Youtuber, Shane Dawson inspiring others to make similar videos on various topics and have more and more people interested with millions of views on his conspiracy videos.

A conspiracy theory is the belief that a secret conspirator has been decisive in producing a political event or evil outcome which theorists question and want to disprove, prove or do not approve of. A theorist typically identifies the conspirators and provides evidence that links them with an evil plan to harm someone and may point to a supposed cover up by authorities or media.

Lately, more and more people are being intrigued by popular conspiracy theories such as the Mandela effect (a theory in which things people have commonly identified as one thing is not as they remember) For example, the theory is derived from Nelson Mandela and people remembering him dying in prison however he lived on much longer than his release from prison and died recently in 2013. Other popular theories include aliens are hiding in Area 51, the American government are controlling the weather and a new theory in which people suggest that Hilary Clinton is hiding an illness as there are many photos and videos investigated by conspiracy theorists to suggest this.

Blog – My top 10 Autumnal songs

My top 10 Autumnal songs

Like Ned Stark from Game Of Thrones said: “Winter is coming”

Autumn is here and all of us are now snuggling up inside on the dark and cold nights. But what is more perfect than relaxing with a hot chocolate and that perfect Autumnal tune? Autumn has always been my favourite season and I really enjoy listening to calming music at night. I enjoy the deeper lyrics and melodies and I believe they make Autumn feel festive; and who doesn’t want that?

As the seasons change, so does my music, so here are my top ten autumnal songs to get you through the frosty mornings and chilly nights.

  1. Somewhere Only We Know – Keane

Between the nature-related lyrics and soothing verses, this song screams Autumn to me and is always played right into Winter. The song has even been used in the John Lewis Christmas advert covered by Lily Allen and when the song is played it always gets me into a festive mood.

2. Clementine – Sarah Jaffe

This indie folk song is a song about change and reflecting on the past and I feel it fits perfectly as the seasons change and the weather gets colder. Along with the year drawing to the end, I feel this song is perfect for this time of year. I like to play this song while I’m travelling and puts me in a good mood.

3. Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood

Along with the very Autumnal song title, the lyrics talk of a relationship spent inside together as the weather gets cold. Perfect. I found this song nearly three years ago and would always play the song as the weather gets colder.

4. Stubborn Love – The Lumineers

The folky sound and lyrics are very suited to a long car journey in the transition from Autumn to Winter alike to the music video to this song.

5. Autumn Leaves – Ed Sheeran

Again, the title is very suited to Autumn and is perfect for playing on a long Autumnal walk in the woods. The song is also very emotional and sentimental and I can imagine sitting with a hot chocolate in my room wrapped up in blankets listening to the song.

6. I Know – Tom Odell

With many of the lyrics relating to things to do with Autumn, I believe Odell’s voice is one to definitely enjoy on the colder nights. I have always enjoyed the sung storyline in the song and image the story taking place in the colder months.

7. I Love You, Sleepyhead – Lanterns On The Lake

This song could be a lullaby. The sweet lyrics and calming voice makes it perfect for those nights spent snuggled up relaxing. When I found the song I would play it repetitively late at night and I think it would be a beautiful song to listen to in the early mornings when you’re first waking up

8. Holy Ground – Taylor Swift

The first time I heard this song was many years ago in Autumn. And I believe the pop-ish, upbeat sound and Autumn related lyrics is perfect for a Autumn day out and about. This song holds a lot of memories for me as I got the album that contained this song four years ago and I would always play this song during that time which was late October so around this time every read I love to play it!

9. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

There’s something about this song that makes me imagine it as a song for Autumn and Winter. I love listening to it on walks home at night and belongs on a Autumn playlist. The lyrics are completely genius in this song and the sound makes me feel like it would be perfect to listen to on a cold walk.

10. Let It All Go – Birdy & Rhodes

This duet is calming and their unique voices along with the setting of the music video makes me believe it belongs on an Autumn playlist. I liked to listen to this song very often last year. I enjoyed the sound of their voices and thought it was very peaceful. And all in all, this song is a great one for Autumn.

Promotion As a Freelancer & Creating a Portfolio

Tips to remember as a freelancer: Source 1 (1-3) Source 2 (4 – 5) Source 3 (6 -)

Respond to phone calls and emails as quickly as possible – If your are contacted by someone, the chances are that person has researched your work and is looking for your services and you are still fresh in their mind. It is useful to get in contact with them as soon as possible as this helps you look more professional and serious about your work.

Create a good website with a daily blog – Blogging religiously helps to show your personality and your style of work through your photos and helps to promote your skills to people looking at your website. Your website is very important and will be the most crucial when people consider you for work so investing your money and effort here is vital.

Confidence is key – A steady work load won’t just appear over night – you have to work for it and believe in yourself. You will make mistakes, but mistakes are good; it means that you’re learning. Believing in your own abilities is the most important tool to keep yourself going in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out their, that’s how you’ll find work, and being confident in your own skills makes a good impression on people wanting to use you for work.

Find your niche – Don’t try to be the best at everything, you will fail. Finding your niche and the one thing you’re most skilled at and enjoy will be your focus when doing your photography.

Make the most of your resources & Invest – It’s far better to focus on what you do have than stress about what you don’t have. Make the most out of your equipment you already have and learn how to use this to your advantage when starting up your business as this makes everything easier, stress free and more profitable earlier on. Always start off your business with money in the bank and save up for better equipment later on. (It’s better to buy lenses than lighting)

Build a portfolio – Even if you never have had photographs taken professionally or publicly displayed, starting a portfolio of your best work will help to show people interested in your work your skills and you can add later when you start receiving paid work as this will be your professional work.

Forms of promotion 

  • Advertising
  • Business cards/Flyers/Banners
  • Social media (Including linked in)
  • Websites/Directories to get work
  • Own website and portfolio

What is a digital portfolio? – Source 1

A portfolio may include an individuals best work which has been collected typically throughout a year or longer displaying their skills in their field of work. A portfolio is typically displayed in a lean and straight forward manner to keep the interest of an agent/company etc wanting to hire. A digital portfolio may also include an example of media based work such as photos, web material, spreadsheets, audio files, illustrations and diagrams

They may also be used as a requirement from an undergraduate or graduate degree to show key information from the student’s academic career. In education, digital portfolios should accurately represent a student’s interests, active learning and comprise a showcase of the student’s work.

They are also common tools amongst professional artists such as graphic artists, photographers and illustrators who may use media as a way of showing their skills in a non traditional way to market their work and should represent top work and any key clients or publications.

Digital portfolios are very useful for people in media based careers as they are very versatile in the different forms of media which can be displayed and are easy to update which is helpful for people wanting to show off their newest and better work. They are also useful in demonstrating an individuals mastery of a certain subject and can be used when applying for an internship or job as digital portfolios can be visually interesting and engaging.

Creating a portfolio as a freelance writer – Source 1

Your portfolio needs to represent you and your personal style at it’s very best. You’ll need to include your best pieces and performances from your most recent work and does not have to include everything you’ve written. A good portfolio is focused and represents your speciality as a writer. So a good approach to building your portfolio is being very limited with your pieces but including your very best as an employer is very unlikely to look through everything.

Getting past references such as an employer/tutor to write your skills down helps to show what others truthfully think of your work and what your speciality is in writing. Proof of past work and skills from education and work helps to build a foundation on various opinions and pieces you may have done and rounds out your skill set overall.






Interviewing Techniques and Skills


Be “sceptical not cynical”
Avoid “grandstanding” or showing-off
Be sure of your facts

Source 1

Practice good nonverbal communication.
Dress for the job or company.
Don’t talk too much.
Use appropriate language.

Source 2

Knowing your own CV inside and out


Repeat the interviewer’s question. The interviewer may give you a hint if you’re actively thinking instead of stalling.


Good nonverbal communication speaks volumes about a candidate.


Leveraging knowledge of the company and interviewer

Source 3


Know what questions you may be asked by an interviewer


Know what you want to achieve from the job position


What the interviewer really wants to know: Are you a well-rounded individual?

Source 4


What not to do:


don’t lie: the interviewer may see through you. Even if you get the job, your employer can dismiss you if they find out that you have not been honest
don’t let your nerves show too much
don’t be arrogant and assume you’ve got the job. Nothing turns off employers more than someone who is disrespectful and over-confident

Source 5

Thank the interviewer


Keep all of your mobile and other electronic devices turned completely off.

Source 6


Interviewing Skills (Feedback)

Ask questions – Research common interview questions

Be prepared – Read over your CV/Personal Statement, Do your research e.g company/course

Look presentable – Neat, First impression count, (Judgements made within first 7 minutes)

Stay in contact – Follow up email to thank company for opportunity

Stay calm/ be well rested – Be focused

Interview formats – Q + A (One to one) Q + A  (Panel) Group interview, Roleplay, Workshop, Produce an artefact

Take a portfolio – Sample of your best work in an appropriate format, testimonials

Sell yourself – Self presentation, be punctual, eye contact






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